4 Simple Steps to Rapidly Create Your M-Commerce App

Build your mobile commerce app with these simple steps, and generate more business through mobile ordering.

Smartphones have changed the face of consumer behavior, and the e-commerce landscape. Whatever the need, users only need to download an app to meet all their buying requirements. According to Forrester Research, global mobile sales are projected to reach an astounding sum of $626 billion by 2018. Ever since its inception, mobile commerce apps have been proliferating in the online commerce market and it is projected to continue to do so. Consumers have gone “mobile” and are turning to mobile phone apps for everything. This shift in consumer behavior has encouraged businesses all over the world to take to m-commerce for sales.

Building Your M-Commerce App

When you’re running a business, you’re always adapting to the current trends in your field. Here are 4 steps for your business to go mobile-friendly and create an m-commerce app in no time:

Step 1: Well begun is half done

The first step to building an m-commerce solution for your business is to choose the right team for the app development. Whether you choose to build your mobile commerce app from scratch or hire a team of mobile app developers, it is essential to choose the right group of individuals who will work on the development of the app. Examine the goals of your app and pay attention to all details, even a small bug can potentially irritate consumers and cost you good business.

Step 2: Tech-Savvy apps for better performance

One of the hurdles developers face while creating apps is building a smooth cross-platform mobile commerce application. Robust applications are informative, responsive, fast, and glitch-free. Your team needs to choose a technology which provides you with all four aspects of user experience. There are a lot of tools available which help you build an efficient cross-platform app. Build a strong payment platform to make sure all consumer payments go through without errors.

Step 3: Work on Design

The next step is to create a user-friendly interface for your m-commerce app. Your end user needs to be able to navigate through your services comfortably. To maintain a healthy presence in the m-commerce world, you need to make sure that your m-commerce app is compatible with and available on all operating systems. Make sure you don’t clutter your dashboard and confuse your users with all options in one page.

Step 4: Regular Updates, Bug Fixes and User Analytics

Once you’ve developed your app and it has been received positively in the market, make sure you continue to update it and fix bugs reported by users. The feedback that you get from users makes it easier for you to make it more user-friendly. Bug-free apps retain consumers and keep generating business. It is also advisable to analyze user movements on your app. After all, the goal of an m-commerce app is to generate revenue through increased mobile commerce sales. Track consumer behavior on your app and figure out which services are most favored by users and create business strategies to optimize all areas.

Cygneto Mobile App Solutions

Developing an m-commerce app is a tedious process. At Cygneto, we understand the pressure businesses face while creating efficient m-commerce applications. Through Cygneto Mobile, you can create personalized m-commerce solutions without worrying about where to begin.

Cygneto Mobile Ordering is your one-stop solution to create a custom mobile app for your business with clients ranging from apparel shops, cosmetic and beauty care to clients who work in building materials and cement & manufacturing. With our tried and tested solutions, you don’t have to wait for months to roll out your app.

Create Your Store, Design Your Product, Promote Your App

We offer custom designs for your app depending upon the needs of your business. Define the products that would go in your personalized mobile store and manage all related details like product descriptions, pictures, and product pricings.

Our mobile commerce app builder services include features like easy sign ups, profile management, order history and multiple payment options for a better user experience. Businesses can manage their app through a web dashboard where they can edit their store profile, manage delivery and pickup options, and also configure taxation and currency settings. On the dashboard, you can also create discount schemes and run special offers across various categories of your product catalog.

We also offer marketing solutions for your app so that you can promote your app through SMS services or push notifications. You can launch and market your app on different channels to increase its potential of generating business.

With end-to-end solutions, Cygneto Apps is the best mobile application development platform for your business. Visit our website now and request a demo to get started.

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