4 ways Field Sales automation can help companies to communicate better

Sales process automation empowers companies to streamline their communication processes

Challenges in Monitoring Sales Team

Conventional monitoring of the ground sales force is a difficult task and poses numerous challenges for the organizations and the sales managers. The sales managers must use traditional means of communication like email and phone calls to keep themselves updated about the sales activities. The sales managers and sales executives have to spend too much time in communicating to keep themselves updated about the sales strategies and the sales figures. Moreover, the sales managers have to constantly seek updates from the field sales executives about their whereabouts and their targets. Over and above communication, the conventional sales process also poses administrative challenges, financial challenges, etc. These challenges can be overcome by automating the sales process. Moreover, the automation of sales process through field sales applications offers numerous other benefits to the organization.

Constant Contact with the Sales Team

Sales process automation using field sales application enables the sales managers to be seamlessly in contact with the field sales executives. Through the dashboard application, the managers can constantly monitor the field sales executives without micromanaging them. Through the integration of sales process automation, the managers don’t have to keep on calling the sales executives for updates. The managers just have to check their dashboard application to obtain instantaneous updates about the activities of the field sales executives.

The field sales applications also enable the sales managers to track the location of the sales executives, in addition to their sales performance. Moreover, through sales process automation, the sales managers can also monitor the attendance and track the work timings of the sales executives. Thus, sales process automation eliminates the need for micromanagement while empowering the managers to obtain all necessary data about the activities of the sales executives.

Integration of sales process with other business processes

Sales process automation also enables the organization to integrate the process of sales with other relevant business processes. For example, the field sales applications can be integrated with the finance department processes, the human resources department processes, and the administrative department processes. This enhances the process of interdepartmental communication and thus, facilitates all the processes which rely on the communication between different departments in the organization. Through the integration of sales process with the finance process, billing can be integrated with accounting software such as SAP, to expedite the billing and accounting process. Further, through the integration of the processes of human resources department and sales department, the efficient recording of attendance and time tracking of the sales executives can be achieved. Through the integration of the processes of the administrative and the sales department, the paperwork can be drastically reduced and the administrative processes can be expedited through the exchange of information over the networks.

Real Time Communication with Distributors, Stockists, and Retailers

Through the automation of the sales process, a communication link can be created between the organization, its distributors, stockists, and retailers. This is the most important communication link that the organization must maintain. The sales trends of the retailers, stockists, and distributors, enable the organization in understanding the fluctuating demands of the market. This enables the organization in streamlining its inventories, acquisition processes and sales processes. Moreover, the communication link between the organization and the distributors empowers the organization to cross-verify the sales activities of the field sales executives, without having to micromanage them.

Thus, sales process automation through field sales applications enable the organizations to streamline their communication processes to strengthen their business processes.

Cygneto Field Sales Application

The Cygneto field sales application empowers the business owners to harness the power of sales process automation. It creates a seamless link between the sales managers and the field sales executives, enabling the sales managers to monitor the activities of the sales executives on a real-time basis. This empowers the sales managers to utilize their time more efficiently in strategizing rather than just handling and managing the human resources. The app also empowers the sales executives to manage their tasks effectively without spending too much time on administrative tasks and other paperwork. Hence, the Cygneto field sales application enhances the overall efficacy of the sales process of the organization and thus, helps in improving the revenues.

The application offers additional modules like the integration of third-party accounting software like SAP, Tally, etc. It also offers the added capabilities to integrate the activities of different departments through providing secure access to the sales process data to the authorized personnel. Moreover, the Cygneto field sales application is a completely cloud-based platform which offers powerful data encryption to enhance the security of the data. This ensures that only the authorized personnel have the access to the important sales data of the organization.

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