5 Competitive Advantages Companies Gain from Cygneto Field Sales App

Cygneto Field Sales App

In today’s smartphone savvy world, there is an app for everything! Everything, including business. If you have a business, you better have an app because your competition does too. Besides, isn’t that the whole point of technology? To help make everything easier? Well, field sales apps help in making your business automated and running a lot more efficiently than without. Field Sales apps are particularly gaining more popularity owing to the multitude of competitive advantages offered by them.

Why Businesses Use Field Sales Apps?

The reason most businesses use field sales management tools for their sales team is that of the ease it offers in the integration of information among the on-ground sales team. A company’s data is easily adapted to the readymade field sales applications available in the market. Furthermore, it is better than designing your own app as that is a time-consuming process.

Data-Driven Field Sales Management
Cygneto FSM is the data-driven field sales management tool. The app is capable of generating real-time reports for the executive dashboard which helps managers take strategic decisions in the future. Furthermore, managers can view various sales related charts, graphs, and statistics to efficiently interpret executive performance data. Keeping track of the activities enables your business to analyze the multiple patterns and identify the daily orders booked from the respective retailers. The application comprises of feature which allows you to see the difference between targeted and achieved result, outlining precisely what you need to do to get the desired result.

Instant Order Synchronization
Field Sales app has an inbuilt feature which immediately sends the order details to the company managers as soon as the order is punched by the sales executive. These details are crucial when placing orders, especially if the order is sizeable. The information can be sent via both SMS and email. A clear chain of communication helps preserve the transparency and efficiency of the transaction.

No Need for Manual Updates
Automate your sales team and their activities to the fullest with this application. Executives need not to call their managers separately in order to sync for the daily activities. Each order that is placed in the app will instantly be updated in the database. Using SMS or Email updates, stockist and distributor both get notified instantly of the order placed. Thus, there is no lag in the dissemination of information on the app. All parties involved are up to date on the status of the order through the app itself. If retailers are in the loop from the moment the order is placed, it helps speed up the process significantly.

Route Planning and Assignment
Cygneto FSM’s is a GPS enabled application which plots sales routes for field operatives, so they can efficiently plan all their routes. Moreover, assignment allocation to operatives is done via the backend dashboard; making any sort of confusion or human error highly improbable. Thus, it establishes as much clarity as possible for the field salesmen.

Online and Offline Data Synchronisation
Usually, internet connectivity can be a major issue when it comes to conducting business digitally. Applications need internet to transfer information between all the parties involved. In cases where internet connectivity is not available, the application allows for data recording in offline mode. As a result, executives will be able to take orders in offline mode. As soon as there is the internet connection, the information will be uploaded to the cloud.

Risk Minimization
Future-proofing your sales order app is one of the most important responsibilities of an organization. As a result, it is important to make sure that the app is backed by robust and fail-safe technology. Furthermore, with enhanced security features on Cygneto FSM, the risk involved with your app decreases significantly.

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