3 stages of App Marketing for M-commerce apps

Mobile app marketing

App marketing before the launch

To launch a successful app, app marketing in the initial stages of app development is necessary. Promoting the app in the early stage of conception helps create more awareness among the users when the app is actually launched.

Launch campaign

Design a launch campaign well before you plan to launch the app and start the app marketing process through various online channels. Engage prospective consumers through social media and advertise the features of the upcoming app. Employ promotional E-mailers to all existing customers letting them know about the features of the upcoming M-commerce app.

Promote Beta testing

Approach a group of customers who are proficient in using technology and offer them incentives to beta test the new M-commerce app. Beta testing can prove to be a very successful method for app marketing if the right demographics of the beta testers are selected carefully. Beta testers can also provide important feedbacks on the app which can help in the betterment of the app before the final launch.

Promoting the launch

Promoting the launch of the app is essential for app marketing; the launch is how everyone will find out that the app is now available for downloading from various app stores.

Announce the app to the media – Press Release

Promote the launch of the brand-new M-commerce application by issuing a press release for both online as well as offline media. Promoting the launch can directly help in the app marketing process by drawing the attention of the prospective customers towards the app.

Exploit advertising on social media to promote the launch

Over and above issuing a press release, you can also use paid advertising on social media to promote the launch of your app. Advertising the app on highly-used social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. can greatly help in app marketing. Further, social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. also offer the option of demographic marketing, which can help optimize the advertising process.

App marketing after the launch

Continuing app marketing even after the launch of the app can help in engaging more customers and also retaining the existing customers through improved customer engagement.

Optimize the app for app stores

When you launch the M-commerce app for your business, make sure that you have optimized the app for search in the relevant app stores like Google Play and Apple Store. Optimizing the apps include providing proper descriptions, including app screenshots, providing app videos, and including relevant search keywords in the app description. When you optimize the app for app stores, it enables the target audience to search for the app easily.

Optimize the app for Search Engines

Optimize your M-commerce app for all major search engines like Google, Bing, etc. to enable the target audience to be able to find the app directly through a simple search. Using relevant keywords in app descriptions, providing and regularly updating the app description, offering key information about relevant features, etc. can greatly help in optimizing your M-commerce app for search engines.

Use your website to promote your app

One of the best, cheapest, and the most effective ways for app marketing is promoting your M-commerce app on your own website. Develop links to the app page using relevant content so that the consumers can find your app easily. Moreover, already existing customers are far more likely to use the app than prospective customers.

Promote the app on social media

Even after the launch, continue promoting the app on various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Exploit the advertising demographics to obtain better results for the app marketing strategies employed on social media. The more familiar the audience will get to the app, the more likely they are to download and use the app.

Employ video promotion on social media

Create promotional videos for your app; include catchy music and graphics to interest the prospective consumers. Use the video to emphasize on all the relevant features of the app which can help the prospective consumers in their business interactions with you. Video content, when utilized perfectly, can be the best app marketing strategy on social media.

Offer lucrative discounts on the App

Improve your app marketing by providing lucrative discounts and exclusive offers to the app users. Such offers and discounts will promote the target audience to use the app rather than the website and other mediums of dealing with you. If you have a well-developed app, then once the audience starts using the app, they will keep using it because it offers great benefits. And once they have downloaded the app, you can use the feature of push notifications to retain them and get more business through them.

The Cygneto Mobile Ordering Application

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