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Introduction to the B2B industry

The industries and businesses are broadly categorized into B2B and B2C industries and businesses. B2C stands for business to customer, which implies that these businesses and industries provide service or products to the end users. Industries which manufacture fast moving consumer goods are examples of B2C industries.

B2B stands for business to business, which implies that these businesses and industries facilitate other businesses and industries rather than catering to the needs of the end customers. Various consulting firms which provide expert advice to businesses can be considered as B2B services since they cater to businesses and not end customers. Some businesses and services may be a culmination of both, B2B and B2C industries.

Growth of B2B industry

In the recent years, there has been a steep growth in the B2B industry. The B2B industry provides an option of accruing excellent quality products or services at comparatively lower prices. B2B businesses focus mainly on a particular category or product or services, and hence develop expertise in their area of production or service. The businesses and industries these days find it easier to accrue specialized services and products through specialists rather than generating the service or manufacturing the product.

As the businesses and industries grow towards specialization, there will be even more scope for the growth and development of B2B industries. The B2B industries and businesses comprised a significant percentage of the total industries and businesses in 2015, and will only continue to grow. Apart from the established industries and businesses, the newly established evolving businesses and industries benefit the most by the competitive edge which the B2B services and products offer.

Opportunities to develop mobile applications in the B2B industry

The digital technologies have grown by leaps and bounds in the past decade, and the B2C industries have made the most out of it. But gradually, even the B2B industries and businesses have started to employ technology for their benefit. B2B business owners have started to realize the potential of technology and how it can help them grow their businesses by leaps and bounds. Numerous B2B businesses have already adopted mobile technology and mobile platform applications to facilitate ease of access to other businesses seeking their products or services.

More and more B2B businesses are exploring the benefits of mobile platform applications and technology each day. There are immense opportunities to transform B2B businesses through the mobile communication platform. Mobile applications can be developed to address a lot many issues faced by the businesses rather than leaving the issues unaddressed and working around them. For example, a B2B owner who has a large number of clients, cannot keep track of the services provided to each client and of his interactions with them. However, if a mobile application is developed, which can help him keep track of all his clients, then he can concentrate on other factors, and help grow the business faster.

Top B2B mobile applications

In the recent times, numerous companies have sought help from mobile communication technology to grow their business. However, some B2B businesses have used the mobile technology platform very articulately to further the quality of products and services that they provide to their clients. The following is the list of the top B2B mobile applications which were developed by top companies in the world:

HKTDC product magazine app by Hong Kong Trade Development Council
The HKTDC product magazine app offers the traders instant access to more than 20 magazines which are published by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council. This app is available across major mobile OS platforms, and offer the traders to access even the latest issues of numerous magazines at just a flick of their thumbs.

Spotlight Sales Application by Whereoware
The Spotlight Sales app developed by Whereoware increases the accountability and responsibility of the sales team’s daily activities. The companies can present their products with well-defined categories, catalogs, branded product sheets, wish lists, and images. The sales representatives can accept and review orders without being connected to the internet. It also offers address verification services, integration with Silverpop, which is a marketing automation tool, and proximity search.

Cygneto Mobile Ordering App by Cygnet Infotech
It is a mobile ordering application, which is available across OS platforms like Android and iOS. Cygneto Mobile has different application interfaces for both the merchants and the customers.  Merchant app enables the merchants to check their order summaries, accept or reject orders, add new customers, track and analyze customer buying trends. Moreover, Cygneto Mobile facilitates the merchants’ business by providing the freedom to add unlimited product listing and sharing it with the customers. The front end application enables the customers to sign up. Moreover, it also provides facilities such as shopping carts, multiple payments options, pick-up and delivery, and the ability to check order histories.

Small-Order Zone Mobile Site by HKTDC
This mobile application offers similar functionality as the HKTDC product magazine application but with the added facility of accepting smaller orders by retailers as well. This app also comes in handy to the traders who wish to maintain a low inventory.

Orange Exchange magazine by Publicis Blueprint on behalf of EE
They can manage existing customers’ growing usage and also attract new customers in the competitive mobile communication space.  This app is the key element of EE’s premium service commitment to small business owners and customers.

SiteTablet by Property Solutions International
This app helps apartment owners to usher potential residents through the sales process and to manage daily functions for current residents. It features virtual tours, virtual floor plan, rating system, pricing and availability, guest cards, and rent applications. It is an extremely efficient application to facilitate the traditional property leasing and sales offices.

The IT White Paper Library by IDG Connect & Mind Orchard
The app aims to service the needs of IT and business professionals, to provide new sponsorship opportunities to clients, and to raise the profile of the brand across a wider market.

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