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The importance of sales in the manufacturing industry

The sale is an integral part of every manufacturing industry, be it heavy machinery or small manufacturing industry. Sales are especially important for the manufacturing industries which cater to other businesses. Companies that manufacture the products for the customers can employ marketing strategies to market their products to the customers. Hence, regardless of the fact whether the companies manufacture products and goods for other businesses or customers, all of them must employ a sales team to enable them to sell their products. Sales team creates opportunities for the companies to be able to sell their products to businesses and customers, and hence, earn profits.

Sales and marketing can be considered as one of the primary activities of any business, including the conception of ideas, production, and manufacturing, revenue, and accounting, etc. Sales and marketing activities enable the businesses to expand their manufacturing and production activities. The more sales the sales team achieves, the more the manufacturing unit can produce, thus, leading to higher profits for the company. If any business or firm has a good sales and marketing team, then and only then can the company develop its business further, catering to more customers and generating more revenues in the process.

Managing the sales team is a herculean task without automation

However, sales is not an easy task, considered that there are numerous sales executives working around the clock to try and sell more and more products. Sales managers have a hard time managing the sales team and keeping track of all the sales executives.

Conventionally, sales managers keep track of the activities of the sales executives by calling them time and again throughout the day to keep their records updated, hence, wasting their precious time on needless communication. Sales automation provides the opportunity to circumvent the communication process by providing an integrated interface to the sales executives and the sales managers. Without sales automation, all process of sales become very intricate and time-consuming.

For example, in the absence of sales automation, just as the sales managers waste their time in communication to update their reports, similarly, the sales executives also have to invest time in administrative tasks. Administrative tasks include tasks like recording the information pertaining to sales like billing, reminders, client addresses, recording of bills, etc. Further, after the sales executives complete all their administrative tasks, the managers must verify the authenticity of the reports and the bills. Hence, most of the time of the sales managers get themselves involved in reporting and verifying administrative work, leaving them with less time to spend on strategizing and planning – which is a much more important part of their job.

Modern sales automation enables sales team management

The sales automation solutions integrate and streamline all the sales processes between the sales executives and the sales managers. For example, by integrating sales automation into the field sales process, the sales managers would not have to constantly be in communication with the sales executives to get all the information they want. The sales managers could just log into their sales automation interface and find out all the information they want. Similarly, with integrated, automated sales management solutions, even the sales executives don’t have to dedicate too much of their time to administrative jobs like billing and record keeping.

Hence, through integrating automated sales solutions, both the sales managers and the sales executives can dedicate more time to fruitful endeavors like strategizing, client prospecting, etc. The more time sales managers and sales executives can spend doing strategic sales jobs; the more sales can they accomplish within the same given time, hence, increasing their work efficiency. The more sales target the sales team achieves, the more revenue the companies can generate.

Cygneto Field Sales App provides optimum automation solutions

Cygneto Field Sales App provides integrated sales automation solutions for sales managers and sales executives are it any industry. The solution offers the application for executives and web dashboard for the offers the  Cygneto Field Sales App enables the sales managers to seamlessly track the sales executives and keep track of the number of prospective clients they visit, and even track the orders, order numbers, order details, and the respective billing amounts for all bills. Moreover, even the sales executives can easily generate the order details, detailed bills, and send the order details to the clients through SMS and email integration. Furthermore, the Cygneto Field Sales App also provides integration capability with accounting interfaces like Tally, and hence, ensures quick and efficient billing process.

The Cygneto Field Sales App also offers web dashboard for the managers and other authorized personnel to view attendance of the field sales executives. The dashboard offers the capability to view sales reports, map the sales executive, see their attendance, get instant order details & more. Moreover, the solution also provides the stock details and summary to the retailers at fixed period of time. The solution offers everything a manufacturing company requires to keep track of their sales team and their daily activities.

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