The costs of developing an M-commerce App

M-commerce application development

Many companies are turning towards the Internet to help them conduct their business. Companies can capitalize on the numerous benefits of E-commerce and M-commerce by harnessing the power of the Internet. With the development of mobile computing devices like Smartphones and Tablets, E-commerce is being overtaken by M-commerce in terms of usage. However, many small businesses are still reluctant to create their own M-commerce platforms. The primary reason for the hesitation is the cost involved in developing and deploying M-commerce applications. Here are a few costs and problems that the business owners incur should they plan to develop M-commerce applications for their businesses.

Time constraints for M-commerce applications
One of the primary obstacles that the business owners face when they plan to develop M-commerce mobile applications is time. The requirements to develop M-commerce applications for most businesses include multitudes of layers of complexity. Hence, the app developers have to invest a lot of time in customizing each and every aspect of the application based on the clients’ requirements. When developing an M-commerce application from scratch, it may take a team of app developers anywhere between three to six months to deploy the app. After making the decision to develop an M-commerce app, waiting for such extended periods of time can result in high opportunity costs incurred by the business. While larger business owners may bear the opportunity costs, small business owners are often much more worried about such issues.

Development costs for M-commerce applications
Over and above the time constraints faced by the business owners, one of the top cost that affects the decision to develop an M-commerce app is the development cost. Integrating multiple modules into the application can add to the development costs of the applications. Moreover, developing applications with integrated payment gateways, customer login, shopping carts, etc. often add to the development costs. The UI/UX and the optimized design of the app also add to the development costs. If the business does not already have an E-commerce website, development of a back-end app for the business can prove both, time-consuming and expensive. Furthermore, whether the app requires being developed for just mobile devices, or tablets as well, and if the app needs to be developed for both, Android and iOS, only adds to the development costs.

Maintenance costs for M-commerce applications
Even after the app has been entirely developed and deployed, there are numerous costs involved in the maintenance of the applications. Maintenance costs involve the cost incurred for the back-end catalog management team and the troubleshooting team. The troubleshooting team is tasked with finding and solving problems that do or are likely to occur which may affect the functioning of the app. Over and above these costs, if the business has an extensive catalog of products to be displayed on the app, then the costs for the servers and hosting are also added to the maintenance costs.

An innovative solution towards the problems
Business owners need not take the conventional approach towards the development of the application. Business owners need not worry about the time of the development, the cost of the development, the cost of deploying the app, or the cost of maintenance of the app. App developers have come up with an integrated solution for small business owners who are more concerned about the development times and costs. These integrated solutions offer ready-to-design integrated modules which can be configured according to the requirements of the business owners. These apps include necessary modules for M-commerce apps like payment modules, customer profile modules, cataloging modules, back-end modules for the business owners, website integration modules, etc.

How Cygneto Mobile Ordering Application bridges the gap?

Cygneto is one of the pioneers in mobile application technology and provides holistic mobile application solutions for small as well as large businesses. Cygneto offers one of the best configurable integrated modules for M-commerce applications at the most competitive rates in the market. The Cygneto Mobile Ordering App has integrated modules for customer profile management, product catalog management, website integration ability, payment gateways, marketing modules, print commerce, social media integration, etc. Over and above these modules, the Cygneto Mobile Ordering App also offers integrated hosting services, training services, store set-up services, marketing campaigns, and pre-configured M-commerce applications on multiple operating systems including Android and iOS. When you choose the Cygneto Mobile Ordering app, you can capitalize on various costs which are incurred during app development and also capitalize on the time that is required to develop a new app from scratch.

If you want more about the solutions that Cygneto provides for M-commerce applications, you can contact the Cygneto business development team, or just fill this form. Cygneto offers completely pre-configured, multi-platform M-commerce apps with free hosting at prices as low as 399$. Make the most out of the world of opportunities that the Internet has to offer, and make your business M-commerce friendly with the help of Cygneto Mobile Ordering app!

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