Customer retention through mobile ordering application

Mobile Ordering application for customer retention

Advantages of your own mobile ordering application

If you think that selling on Marketplace portals can save cost and time, then think again! Maybe, in the short run, selling products and services on marketplace portals can save you time and costs. However, in the long term, having your own mobile ordering app is much more cost-effective and time-saving. There are numerous benefits of developing a mobile app for your business as compared to selling on an online marketplace.

Developing a mobile app for your business can help you in expanding your horizons and retaining your existing customers. Customer retention is one of the top problems faced by businesses in the modern time. However, if you have a mobile app for your business, then it can help you in numerous ways to retain existing customers. By developing a mobile app for your business, you can not only retain customers but also find new consumers and thus, steadily increase your revenues.

Engaging customers using the mobile ordering application

If you have a mobile ordering app for your business, you can exploit it in numerous ways to engage with the customers. You can use integrated facilities like email and SMS to increase customer engagement and thus retain customers. Moreover, if you have your own mobile ordering app, then you can engage the customers by offering them suggestions and recommendations for products and services that they may need based on the products and services which they have already ordered. Such personalized customer engagement strategies can go a long way in retaining customers. However, if you are selling on a marketplace portal, you cannot offer such personalized recommendations to the customers.

Customer retention through app-only discounts

Having a mobile ordering application for your business has numerous other benefits other than offering personalized recommendations. You can also employ the app to send personalized emails and SMS offering discounts on products and services when ordering through the mobile app. Once the customers get accustomed to your app for purchasing products and services through the discount offers, they are likely to use your app even when you don’t offer discounts. Offering app-only discounts to new users is one of the top ways of improving the market penetration of your app. App-only discounts also help in creating word-of-mouth publicity which is much more efficient than most other marketing strategies.

Exploit push notifications and run campaigns

When you have a mobile ordering application for your business, you can utilize the functionalities of push notifications. This is one facet which can help you improve market penetration and customer retention. On the other hand, if you are selling on a marketplace portal, you cannot exploit the power of push notifications. Push notifications can be used to offer customized limited period discounts and offers. They can also be used to share relevant information with the customers like the introduction of new products and services or for reminders about price changes on the products and services that a particular customer has viewed. Push notifications are one of the top ways to increase customer engagement, and higher the customer engagement, higher is the rate of customer retention.

Cygneto mobile ordering application: The answer to all your problems

The most significant factors affecting the decision of selling on a marketplace portal rather than developing a business app are cost and time. Most businesses cannot justify the high costs involved in developing their own mobile ordering applications. Another important factor is that despite investing such exorbitant amounts on the development of the app, the businesses have to wait for long periods before their app is ready for deployment. There could also be numerous other issues like app testing across multiple devices, debugging, and maintenance of the app.

However, the Cygneto Mobile Ordering Application brings a unique solution to all your app development problems. The customized app that we develop for you is based on predesigned modules which are tested across multiple operating systems and devices. Moreover, it takes significantly less time to customize the modules according to the requirements of the business and integrate all of them in your own mobile ordering app. Once the app is made live in different app stores, Cygneto also offers services for marketing the app through various its integrated social media marketing capabilities, thus improving the market penetration of the app.

The Cygneto Mobile Ordering App offers integrated capabilities like customer profiling, Email and SMS marketing capabilities as well as integrated payment and billing modules. It also provides the capability to add and modify the portfolio of products & services and offer limited period discounts on all or some of them. The Cygneto Mobile Ordering app also provides capabilities for the businesses to engage customers through push notifications and by running marketing campaigns like customized discounts on recommending the app to another user. One of the main benefits of the Cygneto mobile ordering app is that it can be instantaneously deployed at a fraction of the cost of developing an entirely new mobile app.

What are you waiting for? Get in touch with us and explore the infinite opportunities by having your own mobile ordering app. Your own mobile ordering application can enhance customer engagement and customer retention, learn how!

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