How Cygneto Field Sales Automation is Impacting Multiple FMCG Companies across the Globe

Impact of Cygneto field sales automation app on FMCG companies

Whether it is an E-commerce or offline modern trade market, customers are truly the king. In a world where every tick of the clock brings up new choices, it is both vital and challenging for the companies to closely understand their consumers and their time demands. The same goes for FMCG companies. They require an efficient system to streamline all their on-ground sales processes which are where Cygneto Field Sales automation app comes into the picture. The solution keeps their on-ground sales team, retailers and companies connected via the same platform throughout the order booking process. 

Challenges Faced by the FMCG Industry in India

According to the Shaping Consumer Trends report (2016) by FICCI and PwC, following are the areas where the FMCG Industry of India still has a lot of scope for improvement:

Consumer Behaviour
Consumer behavior in India is a constantly changing one. With the advent of digital marketing and online shopping, consumer behavior is a crucial determinant of how a company functions and which products it builds, especially for the FMCG Industry. They further plan the distribution flow of their products as per the market demand. 

Buying Patterns
One of the challenges that Indian FMCG Industry faces is that they can’t properly analyze and track consumer buying patterns. Since FMCG Industry is a huge one, it is essential for retailers and companies to evaluate which products are contributing more than others. There might be some products doing great in one specific region, whereas might be a different case in some other region.

Distributor Management
Maintaining the active link between distributor’s, which is again a task for FMCG organizations. Distributors would want complete access to the orders booked by sales executives so that they can keep a check over their stocks and manage inventory accordingly.  

Consumer Service
Owing to the awakening amongst consumers regarding the quality of service, companies now need to be able to provide not only the best products but also the best service, be it timely delivery of goods to the respective retailer. It thus becomes important for FMCG Industry to automate their sales channel making it seamless for all the stakeholders.

How Cygneto Proves to Be a boon for FMCG Industries

The Cygneto Field Sales Automation application centers on the areas of improvement. It not only solves the pertinent problems but also improves the overall functioning of the industry.

Instant Order Placement
The companies automate their sales and distribution cycle by allowing their sales executives to book orders through the FMCG ordering app. It eliminates the tedious job of maintaining paperwork and bills through instant order booking. FMCG industry has experienced seamless transitions between multiple product categories. Through Cygneto, managers can review all orders as soon as they are booked by the sales executive.

In-App Catalogue
Cygneto Field Sales Automation App has an embedded feature consisting of the product catalog. An online catalog includes a display of hundreds of products listed within the app. Company admin uploads the catalog from the system backend which gets reflected in the respective sale’s executive application.

Sales Force Tracking
Maintaining a large sales force is vital for FMCG companies but at the same time, it is also challenging. Cygneto application simplifies this task by authenticating the visits of the sales executives and their managers can check the progress live on the map because of the route assignment feature in the app.

Order Synchronisation
Managers of the FMCG companies are notified when the order is placed by sales executives. This allows them to track their movement of products and plan the schedule accordingly. The sales executives can take the orders even in offline mode which gets auto-synched as soon as the internet coverage comes.

On-demand Survey and Complaints
Cygneto field sales app allows the field officers to collect surveys and responses from their retailers. This bridges the gap between retailers, distributors, and FMCG manufacturers and enables smooth communication. Most of the FMCG companies also use complaint registration feature which keeps a track of all the complaints.

Sales Monitoring
Not just the upper management, whereas sales executives can also check their order bookings within the app dashboard. The app comprises of executive’s dashboard reflecting daily, weekly and monthly order stats.     

The orders taken by the sales executive in the Cygneto Field Sales Automation app can be viewed by managers from their dashboard. This improves the efficiency and saves time as all orders can be managed from one place. Additionally, features such as attendance management, target Management, Expenses etc. also form an integral part of the product facilitating the smooth order booking flow within the sales channel.        

Just like the FMCG companies, every small and large-scale enterprise can imbibe these useful features in their automated sales force. Cygneto field sales app is impacting multiple FMCG companies across the globe by improving supply chain efficiency, by improving deliveries, bridging the communication gap, and many more features.

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