Cygneto Field Sales Management App with multiple sales report generation facility

Cygneto Field Sales Management App

In this era of mobile apps, the right sales app in the hands of your sales team can take their efficiency and your company’s productivity to new heights. And when you’re thinking about this, Cygneto Field Sales Management App is the best in class! Yes, the perfect sales team management app custom made for your needs.

From booking instant orders to location tracking of the sales executives by working as a sales tracking app, it makes the entire process of managing tasks much easier. Along with making things easier for the people working in your company, it also gives an edge to your company by increasing its intelligence. Its MIS reporting tool is one amazing feature for this.

What is MIS?

MIS is a term for Management Information System. Such a system generates reports that help run an organisation effectively by helping the management take every kind of decision from daily business routines to top level strategies. These systems can collect any data from any department and help you utilize it by presenting it in a logical and organised manner. For instance, consider a sales manager who needs to review the performance of the different sales executives working under him in order to prepare for his future strategy. Here, the MIS report will let him review the expenses, labour hours and number of sales of each sales executive allowing him to analyse their profits and losses efficiently. Also, these MIS generated reports are generally accurate thus leaving no room for incorrect conclusions or human errors. Because it pools the information from a varied number of sources, it does not let the management leave any important aspect that should be relevant for consideration. It does the in-depth analysis of factors for you and helps you take highly informed and the most desirable of decisions.

These reports can be periodic, summarized, and comparative or adhoc, their type depends on their utility.

Benefits of MIS Reports

1) Maximize Returns
“As available data becomes more complex and extensive, weaving it into a visualization that invites engagement, understanding and decision-making is a bigger challenge, with a bigger opportunity for payoff,” claims Ryan Bell, Senior Creative Technologist at Effective UI. It more or less depends upon a company whether it wants to get shattered by the burdensome figures of sales or whether it wants to utilize them effectively to its benefits. The MIS tool in the Cygento App is one basic tool you need when you start working on the lines of utilizing the available information to your maximum advantage.

2) Quick decision making & real-time tracking
In today’s globalized and liberalized economies, an organisation needs to compete around the globe. In times like these, it becomes very essential to take quick decisions in consideration of all the parameters, or your sales may just decline. The MIS feature in Cygneto Field Sales Management App provides the sales executives with all the relevant information for taking quick measures. It may also help your sales team in real time tracking of the inventory items. They can view statistics related to a particular department within the company and can request any internal transfers.

3) Harnessing Big Data
It also helps the manager by maintaining all the voluminous data. This data is very important for realizing the goals and objectives of a company. Missing out on such information can prove to be very detrimental to your business.

4) Augmenting the manual efforts
Also, the use of an app based Management Information System enhances the capabilities of a worker. The tools and techniques of this technologically sound app cannot be matched by manual work. By relieving your team of a major chunk of work, it enhances their performance as they can now focus on the more practical aspects which in turn can reap great returns for your business too. It can also supplement the efforts of your team for Sales territory management.

5) Putting your systems in place
It also brings a level of discipline within the team. MIS systematizes the work of your company. Everybody is required to follow the systems and administer things according to some set procedures. This brings in a high degree of professionalism within them.

6) Customize your reports
The MIS reports in the Cygneto Field Sales Management App can be user oriented as well as product oriented. Also, the sales team is free to generate customized reports by running surveys or by registering complaints or in any other manner. For example, you may view Stockist Stock Statement Reports or Retailer Buying Behavior Reports or Stockist or Retailer wise order booking reports.

7) Enhance customer engagement and satisfaction
If a company wants to gain a competitive edge over other companies, it must focus itself on improving the customer satisfaction and work towards the same by using information and technology for collecting, evaluating and managing the information. This can be efficiently done by using the MIS Reporting Tool of the Cygneto Field Sales Management App.

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