Boost Your Sales Team’s Efficiency with Cygneto Field Sales Management App

Cygneto Field Sales App can offer a competitive edge to your business over competitors.

Stay ahead of your competition by using Cygneto Field Sales Management App that allows you to take orders and get real time field updates among other things.

Thomas Husson, Vice President and Principal Analyst at Forrester Research once said, “Mobile is becoming not only the new digital hub, but also the bridge to the physical world. That’s why mobile will affect more than just your digital operations — it will transform your entire business.”

True that in this era of mobile apps where the graph of the mobile app sales is ever increasing, the right sales app in the hands of your sales team may take their productivity to new heights and transform your sales returns entirely!

Cygneto Fact File: 63% of the UK millennial prefer making purchases using mobile apps compared to any other platform.

The problems faced in the real world can be easily overcome by using an order management app for the purpose of managing sales records. It makes managing the daily tasks much easier and along with that by analyzing the data, it also increases the intelligence of your company by providing an overview of things that may not have been possible if a paper approach was used. Be it a business with a small or a large field force, the mobile field ordering solution empowers the field sales executives to record orders instantly on the app and it also enhances the decision making powers of managers monitoring them. It also has a route management application and allows the managers to carry out a goal-oriented management with focus on sales territory management and specifics like users, routes, products, orders, sales channels, payments, complaints and surveys.

Cygneto Fun Fact – Mondelez International, the third largest Food and Beverage Company in the world recorded a massive increase in their revenues once they underwent a mobile app development for their back office applications. The Sales representatives could now do their job more effectively and efficiently without ever taking out their PC or be slowed and limited by a paper based approach.

Cygneto Fields Sales Tracking app is an effective retail app as it offers a simple design and an easy mobile access with an option of offline data sync that makes it easier to use the app in all good and bad circumstances. By helping you improve the accuracy and integrity of your data by field sales automation, it also allows the management to get a holistic real time view of field operations from their mobile itself! It is built on a robust Amazon web services cloud framework and it lets the app customers to quickly set up and start off on a pay-as-you-go pricing model. It also offers customized branding and lets you build the mobile app according to the industry you work in and the work processes that you follow.

Some of its amazing features to convince you of the industrial application of this order monitoring app and to prompt you to switch to the app instantly are:

1. Booking instant orders
It includes the feature of booking instant orders on the order management app by the executives that can also be seen by the managers on their dashboard. Also, an instant e-mail is sent to the stockist and distributors as soon as an order gets placed and in this way it works like a sales tracking tool for them. To make the process even easier, at the end of the day the stockist and the distributor receive a summary mail that lists down all the orders placed by the retailers.

2. Location tracking
Another amazing feature it offers is that of a GPS Tracking tool. In case you want to indulge in field executive tracking, you can very well track the number of retailers they pay a visit to apart from the direct reporting of confirmed orders.

3. MIS Reports
Then, there are the MIS reports that give you competitive intelligence by generating user or product category wise reports. You may also run quick surveys or register complaints from the executives via the app to better analyse the problems and thus offer solutions that may have long term and lasting effects on your business success.

4. Tracking Payments
Another M-Commerce application is to keep a track of the payments by directly importing the Tally reports. This lets the users have a quick access to the invoice numbers, dates, opening balances and the pending amounts.

5. 100 % Secure
Its various effective security features include the provision of ensuring a separate user name and password for each user, IMEI number authentication for your device, a prompt for a password change every month, one automatic logout at the end of every day, a secure admin portal and a data wipe out facility if somebody repeatedly tries to log into your account by entering an incorrect password for more than 9 times. Thus it ensures that your data does not get into the wrong hands of hackers and business rivals and is thus the perfect distribution and wholesaler app for you.

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