Field Sales Mobile Application for Food & Beverage Industry streamlines the end-to-end order processing

Field Sales mobile application

Tech integration for the F&B industry

The Food and Beverage industry is one of the most intense and tough industries to manage. It involves several levels of processes from input till retailing, each equally important to be able to successfully quench the hunger pangs of customers. With technology being integrated into every possible field of business, it is inevitable that it be used in the food and beverage industry too. Field Sales mobile application can help ensure smooth sailing from beginning till the end so that you can keep your vendors as well as your customers happy and your business booming.

A typical field sales mobile application is a solution created for sales people to manage their work and sales efficiently even when not in office. They help them manage information as well as maintain customer relationship. However, such a solution can also be moulded to create an application for the Food and Beverage industry. The food and beverage industry is largely run by paper, pencils, emails and voice-mails leaving a rather long and tedious paper trail behind.

With an order management app, time can be cut in less than half through seamless implementations, resulting in increased productivity and efficiency. At the same time the buyer-vendor relationship is greatly enhanced. Order Management apps such as this also allow companies to have an unprecedented level of connectivity between employees, vendors, management as well as customers. Here are some insights into how such sales apps can help your food and beverage business become better, more efficient and more successful.

Benefits offered by Field Sales App for F& B Industry

1. Team involvement:
One of the most important and revolutionary features of such technology is their level of team involvement. Automation and personalization allowed in such mobile applications enhance and streamline the processes for documentation, filing and exporting data, while also allowing every worker to interact on a personal level. At the same time there is greater visibility and connectivity, thereby eliminating and decreasing the room for errors.

2. Inventory Management:
When you are dealing with several vendors, it becomes imperative that you be able to keep tabs on all of them. Technology can help you do this without having to resort to the traditional book keeping process. The distribution features in a Sales app are the best way to communicate and carry out business with multiple vendors at the same time ensuring that there are no delays in the deliveries made.

3. Surveys & Feedback:
The interactive nature of such distribution apps allows to get and give reviews and feed-backs on product and service which can further help develop your business and help it run smoothly. It can also help you in earning the trust of first time customers.

4. Error elimination:
Probably the most important feature of such sales applications is their margin for elimination of errors. By allowing workers at every level to update and feed logistical data in real time and allowing everyone also to see the same in real time, the mistakes usually made in order management are overcome greatly.

5. Live-Tracking:
The Tool should support integrated features such as geo-location and GPS tracking functions to track and analyse products and vendor’s location. What’s even more interesting is that, the managers can get the real-time tracking of their feedback from the market features like geo markers help you to see where the markets are concentrated so that you can find the products you require easier and quicker. With tools for enabling real-time on ground sales team information, delivery information, helps keeping a watch & optimizing multiple activities.

6. MIS Reports:
This feature can be used to manage and micro-manage every tiny step in your food business and we understand how many steps or quality checks actually do go into a successful food and beverage business. Whether your products are to be shelved in an aisle at the home depot or served at a top-notch restaurant, the food business involves deep levels of management and such field sales mobile app can help you in every step of the same.

7. Accounting:
Last but not the least is the bit that makes many lives miserable. Keeping track of every sale and every penny spent can be tedious and frustrating work. But with the accounting features of our sales app, your life becomes sunny again. Since all the orders are placed via the app, data is logged onto the system and can be easily tallied at the end to give you error less accounting.

Benefits of such field sales applications are many and those that are mentioned above are definitely not exhaustive. Such sales apps are custom designed to be personalized to suit every individual business’ needs and preferences. Whether you are a vendor or a chef or a manager, with this mobile app the stormy skies will clear up for you and your business. Field sales mobile app is not only a great way to keep your vendors as well as your customers happy but also an easy way to stay ahead of your competition by simplifying and streamlining the end-to-end order processing.

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