Cygneto Mobile Ordering Receives Two eCommerce Software Awards

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News & Events / 28.03.2017
Cygneto Mobile Ordering reviewed by Finances online

We are proud to inform our users that Cygneto has recently attracted the attention of one of the most influential software review platforms FinancesOnline. The platform’s reputed experts identified our system as one of the most powerful B2C  conversion boosters, and prepared an exclusive Cygneto Mobile Ordering review to underline their reasons for that. To make matters even better, Cygneto has been distinguished as a quality performer in their eCommerce software category, and holder of two awesome awards: The Great User Experience Award and the Rising Star Award for 2017!

As we could learn from the platform’s review, both awards are given exclusively to best-of-breed products, and after undergoing a careful, standardized scoring procedure. What this means is that Cygneto proved its capacity to meet our users’ needs and adjust to their business’s growth, but what is most important – gave them a pleasant and intuitive environment to enjoy their activities. These were also the reasons for including our system on the list of leading eCommerce solutions prepared by the platform’s experts.

Experts explained that Cygneto Mobile Ordering is perfect for creating functional mobile stores, and launching those across several channels to reach as many prospects as possible. What is more, they said, Cygneto helps streamline and improve relationships with customers, manufacturers, and suppliers, and offers an array of unique features to present significant product details in a customized way. According to the review team, our application allows you to smoothly accept orders via social networks and print media (via QR code scanners). At the same time, you can utilize these features to market your on-ground store by providing clients access to exclusive information and deals.

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