Things to consider when developing a B2B Mobile app

B2B Mobile App

Know about six simple hacks to create a perfect mobile ordering app for your M-commerce business that would help you gain advantage over your competitors.


The human species is on-board a train that is travelling at the speed of light. Everybody wants everything in less than 10 seconds or less. In an age of the NOW, technology has come to govern all aspects of the human life. Technology, in all its multifarious avatars, has become the most convenient, time-saving and simplest solution for virtually all problems the human species face. It is, thus, the most logical fact that mobile ordering is the go-to destination for buying any product in the market. And with technology moving at such a great speed, products also, inevitably, keep becoming obsolete too often too soon. Therefore, every business wants to be able to get their products out in the market and within the consumers’ reach as soon as possible. The most convenient and savvy solution to this is developing a customized B2B or B2C Mobile App.


When developing a B2B mobile ordering app there are some key points to remember.  It is important to recognise and take into account all of the ingredients that go into making the Mobile Ordering App a great recipe right from the retailers, wholesalers and distributors to the end consumers. Meanwhile, just as it is also important to make sure the soup is broiling at the right temperature, you need to make sure that the App is developed just properly. Presentation is important and so is the content & the way it is consumed. Here are some points that may contribute to the resultant failure of a Mobile Ordering App:

  • Choosing the wrong deployment device
  • Overlooking consumer needs
  • Insufficient or wrong marketing activation
  • Not properly considering and implementing the supplier to consumer chain
  • Getting the word out

These may seem to be small issues but they lead to much larger relational issues. They hamper in building the trust and dependability that both consumers and retailers expect out of a company. But its happy news because the solution is quiet simple.

Ways to improve your b2b m-commerce applications

A well thought out M-Commerce solution optimised to suit both vendors and consumers can go a long way for a successful business. Thankfully, the solutions are not too complex. Here are 6 simple steps to unlock the holy grail of a successful business.

1. The Right Design

The first step is choosing the right model and design for your Mobile ordering app. Depending on the products, the design needs to be holistic, simple and interesting, moulded to the specificity of the products themselves. Cygneto gives you a choice of templates to choose from according to your preferences and needs.

2. Competitor analysis

Research is always the key-point to any successful business and so it is with the development of your Mobile Ordering App. Research your competitors as well as your target audience. Check competitor pricing, reviews, and marketing experiences provided by them, while also understanding how consumers chose to shop. Once you have that it will become easier to give a leg up by conquering your competitors and serving your consumers well.

3. Personalise the app for your customers

Personalised recommendations can go a long way with any customer. Everybody feels gratified and happy when attended to in person. When they go to a shop, a personal attendee does that job. But, a similar experience can be doled out by making personal recommendations based on the customer’s requirements. A happy shopper is bound to come back for more.

4. Easy and well-designed navigation

Ensuring the App’s navigation and exploration is a process that is not only simple but also fun and interesting is important. It is necessary that customers can move, explore and flow seamlessly from the minute they log in till the minute they check out with a basket full of goodies. A catalogue of products that is experimentally exciting will lead to successful sale at the end of the day. For this there are several modes of experiential marketing that you can employ with the Cygneto Mobile Ordering App.

5. In-still trust in your app

Ending well is important. Multiple and dependable payment methods must be put in place to establish a trusted and easy checkout.

6. Social Media integration

And finally, being able to get the word out and reach to a large customer pool is the key to a successful business. With the M-Commerce solutions provided by Cygneto, we ensure a wide outreach via well-researched social media and marketing trends.

You can develop your own App at the Cygneto Mobile developing platform in three easy steps with no hassle of having to take care of maintaining or upgrading it constantly.

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