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Cygneto Mobile Ordering App

Owing to the immense proliferation that mobile devices have enjoyed in the digital world of today, businesses are finding it easier to get across to their customers. In the realm of business, it pays to know your customers’ needs, preferences and overall behavior. Once you know what your customers want and how they want it delivered, it is easy to polish your vision. However, if you want your product or service to initiate a paradigm shift in the market, customers are merely one level of consideration in an entire chain of entities.

With the ever-perpetuating mobile frenzy at its peak, there is one question that needs to be considered. Has the increasing connectivity made a positive impact on the relationship between the various other levels of the supply chain? Maybe, it is time we considered how the utilization of mobile devices can play a major role in strengthening the bonds between manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, and retailers.

Kinks in the Chain: Problems with Supply Chain Connectivity

To ensure that a product or service sees increased customer receptivity, a business needs to take every single level of the supply chain into consideration. This means that for a business to flourish, the relationship with retailers, wholesalers, and distributors is equally important as compared to consumer satisfaction. However, the markets today are flooded with several obstacles that make connectivity and integration in supply chains a messy and unfulfilling process. In a realm where mergers, acquisitions, collaborations and tie-ups form the foundation of progress, a lack of connectivity can be lethal for businesses.

There are several elements which contribute to large problems in the realm of B2B marketing as far as mobile devices are concerned. Owing to these issues, businesses are unable to achieve the required connectivity with their distributors, wholesalers, and retail business partners. Some of the main problems, in this case, include the following:

  • Lack of proper mobile marketing strategies in the B2B realm
  • Inability to generate more leads
  • Inadequate understanding of mobile user conversion path
  • Lack of adequate tracking and reporting abilities through mobile apps
  • Inability to single out and reach out to the target audience
  • Lack of utilization of local intent for mobile conversions

All of these problems further lead to a considerable disparity in the relationship between businesses and other parties such as distributors and retailers. Owing to the lack of integration of these parties into the marketing and conversion process, several large-scale problems have started to pop up in the B2B market. Due to the lack of connectivity and integration, larger companies in the marketing and distribution chain are using their strength to increase their concessions from weaker companies. Instead of mutual understanding and trust, companies are using fear and intimidation to manage their relationships.

The Solution: Cygneto Mobile Ordering App

A mobile app which is optimized and well-designed can have a huge impact on some of the large problems that plague the B2B market. Moreover, Cygneto Mobile Ordering App can help you understand and utilize the power of your B2B links to improve B2C conversions as well! Here are some of the aspects that we help you out with:

  • Create a powerful on-ground foundation: According to a survey conducted in the United States, 9 out of 10 customers refer to their mobile phones while shopping in a store. Smartphones help customers have a more wholesome shopping experience. By checking competitor prices and reviews, customers are empowered to make smarter decisions while purchasing products. At Cygneto, we understand and value this powerful medium of customer empowerment that mobiles have become. Our mobile ordering solution can help you curate an experience for your customer by embracing the concept of in-store purchasing.
  • Build up the foundation through personalization: You can now personalize and customize the information that you want your customers to view through your mobile app. This includes providing them with real-time information about offers and deals in stores closest to their location. Our mobile app also offers you the ability to directly connect with your customers in case of any feedback or queries, thereby enhancing the personal connection to a large extent.
  • Amplify and expand the scope through technological innovation: With the help of QR code scanners and other innovative equipment, you can now spread across to a wider audience. By choosing the Cygneto mobile ordering app, you have the chance to use print media as well as other modes, such as social networks, to obtain direct orders. These innovative techniques can also be used to promote your on-ground store by giving customers access to exclusive information and deals. This makes Cygneto mobile ordering app more of a distributor app or a retailer’s app in lieu of the benefits that it provides to different levels of the supply chain.
  • Spread the wave of brilliance throughout the distribution chain: The m-commerce solution that Cygneto provides can help in strengthening B2B relationships as well. For instance, if you work through a retailer, the mobile app can be a boon for store promotion and marketing. This can be a huge help in establishing connections with new retail outlets and strengthening existing ones.
  • Increase B2B connectivity: Cygneto mobile app can also be used for direct B2B ordering between wholesalers, retailers, and distributors. Owing to the large degree of functionality that the app provides, you can now directly connect and enhance your relationships with your marketing and distribution channels. Some of the main functionalities that Cygneto mobile ordering app provides include real-time analytics, order tracking capabilities, social media integration and print media commerce. These will have distributors and retailers lining up for collaborations and mergers.

In a time when mergers and acquisitions form the foundation of your business, learn to make the most out of connectivity and trust through Cygneto mobile ordering app. The functionalities and customizability that the app provides to your business can enhance mobile conversion by leaps and bounds. Embrace the power of Cygneto mobile and strengthen your B2B and B2C connections.

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