Deploy field force automation to grow your business

Hack the power of Field Force Automation to grow your business

How Field Force Automation helps grow your business

Field force automation bestows numerous benefits which can help you in optimizing various business processes and thus, enables to enhance your revenues and grow your business. Sales force automation establishes a direct link between the field sales executives and sales managers, thus enabling the managers to track the activities of the field sales executives in real time. This enables the managers to track the activities of the sales executives without having to micromanage them and offers the same and even more efficient transaction of information. Hence, the sales executives and managers have more time to do more tasks that can help in increasing sales, and thus, grow the business.

Further, sales force automation integrates the sales processes with other important business processes to create and optimize the link between the different business functions of the organization. For example, sales automation integrates the sales and the accounting functions, and thus, while offering the added capability to integrate third-party accounting software packages like Tally. Thus, the process of billing can directly be done by the sales executives, and at the same time, the bill of sales would also reflect in the balance sheets. Similarly, sales process automation can be integrated with numerous business functions, for example, work time tracking for HR, MIS integration for data assessment, report generation, etc.

The numerous advantages offered by the sales process automation enables the organizations in streamlining various business processes. Once the business processes are integrated and streamlined, the managers can devise better strategies to optimize the newly-integrated business processes. Streamlined and optimized business and sales processes enable the organization to work at full potential, and thus, help in the growth of the organization. Research by B2Bmarketing concludes that 32% of the companies who have adopted sales process automation see improved revenues within one year and 40% see improved revenues within two years.

Application of Field Force Automation across Industries

The application of sales process automation or field force automation is not limited to any particular industry or a group of industries. Most of the industries which engage in sales can successfully deploy sales process automation and reap the benefits. Most of the top B2B companies have already adopted sales process automation to enhance their sales processes and optimize their revenues. Moreover, even B2C companies are integrating sales process automation and customer relationship management modules as essential parts of their business processes. The field force automation software packages are successfully being employed by companies in different organizations, for example, computer and electronics companies, finance companies, the internet and telecommunications companies, Insurance companies, distributors, suppliers, etc.

Cygneto Field Sales Application

The Cygneto Field Sales App offers all the benefits of sales process automation and also offers the integration of various modules to integrate third-party software applications. The Cygneto Field Sales App is a multi-OS mobile app, which, once installed on the mobile phones of the registered users (field sales executives), tracks all the activities of the particular user. It offers the capability to track the time-based location of the field sales executives in real time, record and track the sales deals closed by the field sales executives, etc. It also offers attendance module which helps on-ground sales team to punch their daily details.The Cygneto Field Sales App also offers an integrated dashboard for power users (Field Sales Managers). The power users can access all the tracking and recorded data from all the field sales executives. The backend dashboard Moreover, the Cygneto Field Sales App also offers capabilities for integration of third-party software like SAP, Tally, Microsoft Dynamics, and SIEBEL. It also offers high-level encryption protocols to ensure the security of all the data that is being shared on through the Cygneto Field Sales platform.

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