Learn how to effectively improvise the productivity of your sales force

Improving Sales Productivity

There are two ways to increase your sales: improve the productivity of your sales force or hire more sales reps. It is not always necessary that the sales team hit their targets every time. However, if the team is consistently unable to perform or achieve their targets, then there is certainly something wrong. Either the sales targets are very high or the sales strategies are flawed. There may be several reasons why the sales team isn’t performing well. Here are a few ways which can help you improve the productivity of your sales force.

Automate the Traditional Prospecting methods

Prospecting is one of the most important parts of the sales procedure. Generating effective sales leads through various methods is one of the main aims of prospecting. Traditional prospecting methods include cold calling and batch emailing. However, these methods have become repetitive in the modern times. Hence, this is one of the processes which can be improved through the effective utilization of technology to improve the productivity of the effective man-hours of the sales team.

For instance, consider a sales representative who is very motivated in the prospecting process. He manages to make over 100 cold calls every day over and above shooting cold emails. However, given that the conversion rates of cold calls are very low, such a sales rep is hardly able to generate 30 prospective leads every month. However, his team mate is very techno-savvy and uses automated mailers to shoot emails and calls only those prospects who show interest in the emails. While even this sales rep is able to generate not more than 30 prospective leads every month, his productivity and value addition to the organization is far higher as compared his teammate.

Exploit technology for prospecting – deploy automation

With the advent of modern technology, a large number of sales professionals are turning to professional networking to change the process of prospecting. Professional networking websites like LinkedIn have effectively changed the process of prospecting.

Through professional networking, sales representatives can find out what are the companies which may require the products or services they are selling. Furthermore, they can also research and find out who to contact at the particular company to pitch the sale. So instead of cold calling and mass emailing hundreds of people every day, the modern sales representatives are targeting prospects who are more likely to buy the products or services they sell. The productivity of the sales representatives can be furthered through the effective utilization of technology and the Internet.

Automate Field Sales Reporting

Another aspect of sales which can benefit through the effective utilization of technology and automation is sales reporting. Most sales companies stop after automating the process of prospecting. However, to further the productivity of the sales force, the companies can also automate the process of sales reporting.

Sales reporting is an integral part of sales through which the sales managers predict the ordering patterns and thus manage the stock. However, it is very difficult for a sales manager to keep track of all sales representatives and keep on tracking their sales.

Through the efficient utilization of field sales applications, the process of sales reporting can be automated. All sales representatives can easily update their daily sales reports on their mobile applications. And the sales managers can easily track the sales reports of all the sales representatives from the dashboard of the application. Hence, technology can save the time that the sales managers employ to track the daily sales reports. With more time on their hand, sales managers can create better sales policies to further the sales.

Employ the helping approach rather than the sales approach

Many sales companies are turning towards the helping approach to sales rather than the traditional sales approach. The sales approach guides the sales representative to just increase their sales, regardless of the fact whether or not the consumer needs the product or service. Whereas, the helping approach to sales guides the sales representatives to help the consumers find solutions to their problems through their products and services.

The helping approach to sales is far more effective than the sales approach. Hence, changing the approach of the sales team towards sales can also work wonders in increasing their sales productivity. By helping the customers to solve problems that they face, the sales representative can gain their trust. Hence, forming meaningful and lasting sales relationships would definitely add long-term value while also building the loyalty aspect among the customers. The helping approach to sales also helps in furthering the productivity of the sales force in the long run.

Improve the morale of the sales team

After deploying technology and better sales strategies, the morale of the sales team is one of the most important factors which affect the overall sales. A poor morale of the sales team can lead to the lower performance of the sales team despite the technology being at their disposal.

Sales managers and senior managers should motivate the sales team to improve their morale. Further, even if sometimes the sales team is unable to achieve their targets, appreciating them for trying their best can also improve their morale. A motivated sales force would directly translate to higher sales and increased revenues.

The answer to all your sales woes – Cygneto Field Sales Application

There are a number of field sales applications which can help you increase the productivity of your sales force. However, the Cygneto Field Sales App offers the unique combination of features which can help the sales managers deploy technology to boost sales.

Features like direct reporting, integrated generation of MIS reports, summary email and billing automation through integration with accounting software like tally and SAP, instant order booking, and GPS tracking offer the sales managers complete transparency to the sales process. The sales managers can access the sales information remotely at their convenience and by studying the sales trends they can improvise the sales strategies to further increase the sales.

Other salient features of the Cygneto Field Sales App are as follows:

  • Mobile and Web App Dashboard
  • Online and Offline Data Synchronisation capability
  • Secure Could-based data sharing
  • Customised Branding

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