Factors that determine the success of your sales team

Success factors for managing the sales tam

Following are the factors that affect your sales team performance:     

Sales Executives Management
Training and development of the sales representatives is the prerequisite for effective sales team management. The goal of coaching is to make the representatives realize their true potential and thereby enhance the field sales of the organization. Training should be met with both the parameters, i.e. proper quantity and quality of training so that the sales representatives are fully prepared before they meet the prospective buyers. Automation of sales can provide an efficient means of tracking the location of the sales executives to make effective decisions and to schedule meetings with clients.

Communication with the sales executives
In field sales, it is very important for the field sales managers to always be in contact with the sales executive so that they could be guided by the clients and the location correctly. The roles and responsibilities of the sales personnel are to be decided by the manager. The manager has to communicate about the targets to be met and the territory in which the person would be working clearly. For effective sales team management, the sales manager should also provide a platform for his team to communicate and give their inputs. The inputs of the field sales executives can prove valuable at times and can help in setting up numerous sales processes.

Technology Enablement
There are numerous advantages of leveraging technology for sales process as well as management of the sales executives. With the advent of mobile phones, it becomes easier for the sales executives to remain in contact with sales managers. The collaboration of technology, applications, and platforms are making sales executive more & more productive these days. The collaboration provides easy access to information and efficient communication within the organization. Use of technology in sales team management helps in recording the orders directly from the customers which can be viewed by the sales managers. This results in the reduction of time and money wasted commuting and also on administrative tasks. Over and above, technology seamlessly helps in the training and development of sales personnel.

Performance Metrics and Management
The initial step in performance management of a sales executive is setting the stage and streamlining individual and team goals. Individual goals should be created to support the ‘big picture’ by a collaborative process between the managers and the employees.  Next step is properly monitoring the status of the goal completion by the sales personnel so that proper coaching or resource assistance could be provided wherever and whenever needed. The final step is the appraisal of the personnel on the basis of their performance so that they stay motivated. These three steps of performance measurement and appraisal prove very important in sales team management.

Sales Reporting
Sales reporting gives sales managers the insights they need in order to improve their sales processes and numbers. Targets can be set by analyzing the reports generated from the data obtained from the field sales personnel. The managers can pinpoint bottlenecks in their operations and are able to identify the areas that demand crucial attention. Daily sales reports also help as a tool for analyzing the performance of the sales representatives and enhance the sales team productivity. Summary charts and graphs offer a holistic view of the sales situation.

How Cygneto Field Sales Application helps organizations to manage their sales team?

Understanding the factors that enhance sales team management and implementing them are two entirely different things. Cygneto provides field sales application for the sales representatives as well as the manager and offers an easy and effective way for sales team management. Some of the functions of the applications are listed as below:

Instant Order Booking:
Sales executives can record the orders directly from the customers into their application. These recorded orders can be seen by the managers in their application’s dashboard. This functionality also keeps track of the number of orders taken by a sales executive in a specific period.

Instant Order Details:
As soon as the order is placed by the customer, an email or SMS is sent to the stockist and the distributor so that they can take the required action.

Summary Mail:
At the end of every day, the stockist and the distributor gets a mail which is a summary of all the orders which have been placed in the day by the retailers.

Direct Reporting & GPS Tracking:
This feature provides real-time on-field updates of the sales personnel regarding the orders taken by them. The details of the number of visits conducted by them are provided to the managers in their application. GPS tracking option lets the manager track the location of the sales executive at any point in time.

Management Information System Reports:
User wise or product category wise reports are generated which can be used by the managers for analyzing the orders. Also, the sales team can run surveys, register complaints or generate some customized reports.

With Cygneto Field Sales Application, we guarantee you can multiply your sales and business.

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