How Field Sales Automation Helps Spice Manufacturers in India

Field Sales Automation helps manufacturers to track, store and monitor inventory and all other sales processes

Spice manufacturing in India is a widespread industry. India, being an agrarian country, its economy flourishes with the growth of its agriculture and agriculture-based manufacturing industry. Additionally, India is known in the world for its aromatic and flavor-packed spices. In wake of the growing popularity of Indian spices across the globe, Spice Manufacturers now need a system that can automate and set processes for raw material collection, processing, distribution, order booking, etc. completely seamless.

Operational Challenges Faced by Spice Manufacturers

To keep a business running, you have to make sure that all processes are aligned with each other – everywhere.

Unable to Manage Retailer Database
The Indian Spice Manufacturing Industry appears to be caught up in the traditional ways of handling the processes and contact while the entire world moves towards digital technology. As a result, it becomes tedious to manage existing database.

Difficulties in team tracking
Tracking the sales team members is one of the important criteria for selecting a Sales Force Automation tool. The efforts don’t stop after placing the orders. The managers of the company must be able to track their on-ground sales team members. Spice manufacturers need to be sure about their deliveries to respective retailers that are being carried out by the on-ground sales team. The sales executives and their locations need to be kept in check. Hence, company managers need a tool through which they can keep a check on their team’s tasks and be in touch with them always.

Managing Channels
The most important challenge is contacting the suppliers and remaining in contact with them for further connections in the business. There isn’t a proper way to manage accounts of retailers, suppliers, and other business stakeholders.

How Cygneto Field Sales Helps Spice, Manufacturers?
Field sales automation efficiently manages the ground sales team and their order booking process from the company retailers. The process involves a complete hierarchical system of order booking from retailers, sales executives to the management of the company. The automation helps in order booking, tracking the on-ground team and managing the orders.

Keeping Track On-the-Go
This is the most important feature offered by the application. Rather than calling your team over and asking for their progress, you can keep a check on your ground sales team by navigating their location and routes from the backend. This means that while working with other businesses, you can keep a check on their routes, orders booked, sales did, field activities and much more!

Access Data Efficiently
When the information about everything right from on-hand and off-hand products, is available and accessed through a single interface and database, teams gather information more efficiently. Any discounts on the orders can be availed through the application directly. Application reflects the executive dashboard comprising of booked orders, targets achieved, and product names – on-a-daily basis!

Route Optimization
With this feature, company managers can assign specific routes to field sales executives. Based on the optimization of the routes, they plan their daily visits to the retailer’s store. This feature helps executives plan their daily route activities.

Independence and Responsibility
The team will work in a more efficient manner when they will be able to access everything from a single platform. They will be more informed and knowledgeable about where to locate retailers and help booking orders from them.

Order Management
Placing the order is not enough. Managing it till it is reached and notified to retailers makes the process productive. The automation tool facilitates the sending reminders and notifications to the retailers as soon as their orders are placed by the system. The tool automatically sends the SMS and emails to the concerned retailers informing them about their orders. With this, it enables instant order updates while making communication better.

Generating Reports
The automation helps in generating reports based on the performance of sales which are on the monthly, quarterly, and yearly basis. These reports generated comprises of the number of orders placed, product frequency, sales performance, repeated orders, etc. – which helps in making decisions about which retailers are to be dealt.

The expense and Target Management
The automation tools also help the managers in keeping a tab on generating optimized targets with the help of reports generated. The reports help them in making informed decisions about the target setting for yearly and monthly basis – thus cutting them on extra expenses on the processes.

Cygneto sales automation application provides all features which help in an efficient working by providing an improved and enhanced solution for sales team tracking, order, retailer management, and analyzing sales on-the-go. The features in this solution provide an enhanced procedure to manage all the production processes involved in the industry.

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