Field Sales Management App Transcends Micromanagement

A sales representative using the mobile Cygneto Field Sales Management App while on the field

Field Sales Management App – Overview

A field sales management app integrates multiple business processes to facilitate the sales process. It enables to sales managers to keep close tabs on the sales representatives and sales activities. Further, the app may integrate buyers into the sales loop, setting up a better feedback system. Consequently, the sales managers can improve upon their sales policies to drive sales revenues. Further, the app may also integrate accounting and payment platforms to generate account statements and payment histories of buyers. A field sales management app addresses numerous limitations and challenges posed by the sales process.

Importance of Field Sales team

Field sales is an attractive option for retailers because it allows the sales representatives to work closer to the buyers. Field sales allow the companies to brand their products directly to the consumers, rather than using advertising as a medium. Field sales, if well-executed, can generate more buying revenue than marketing and advertising. Field sales allows the consumers to interact with the sales professionals face-to-face rather than telephones or other mediums of digital communication.

Field sales allows sales representatives to improve their selling capabilities by allowing them to meet the buyers first-hand. By meeting the buyers first hand, the sales representatives can create an impactful and positive impressions. The process of field sales has improved considerably by the use of mobile and computer technologies through the use of Internet. The deployment of mobile and computer field sales applications facilitate sales by integrating the sales process with other business processes. Field sales is flourishing as the sales managers exert more control over sales activities through enhanced mobile and internet connectivity. Moreover, the mobile applications allow the sales representative to spend more time meeting buyer and explaining them about their products.

The Need for Micromanaging the Remote Workers in Field Sales

Field sales is an integral process which promotes the development of business. However, the field sales activities must be conducted strategically to reap maximum benefits of sales. Firstly, the sales managers must strategize optimum policies to increase the field sales to facilitate business revenues. Secondly, the sales managers must exert control over the sales activities to ensure that sales representatives are implementing the policies. Hence, the need to micromanage the field sales representatives and the remote workers arises. Micromanaging remote workers ensures that the sales strategies are being implemented properly. This, in turn, helps to increase the sales revenue, and thus, growing the business by leaps and bounds. In conclusion, micromanaging remote workers is very important to ensure proper implementation of sales policies in field sales.

Micromanaging in Field Sales – Limitations

 Micromanaging the field sales representatives poses unique challenges for the field sales managers. As much as mobile communication facilitates the field sales activities, it also gives the sales representatives a level of freedom. It has been observed that the sales representatives exploit their freedom which results in the improper implementation of field sales policies. For instance, when asked for an update on sales, a representative may lie to the manager about a buyer not being available.

Whereas, actually, the sales representative has not even met with the buyer to pitch the sale. There can be numerous other instances where sales representatives avoid their responsibilities which result in the improper implementation of sales policies. In conclusion, it can be said that micromanaging the field sales representatives can pose numerous challenges. Hence, it is necessary for the field sales managers to come up with techniques which can help them overcome these challenges.

How to Overcome the Limitations in Micromanaging in Field Sales?

 There are numerous ways to overcome the challenges posed by field sales activities. For instance, a field sales manager may come up with a way to integrate the sales activities with other business processes. At the same time, the sales manager should also come up with a process which brings the buyer into the loop. Integrating the buyer in the sales loop will work to curb the level of freedom enjoyed by the sales representatives. Consequently, this lack of freedom will result in higher sales and proper implementation of sales policies.

The field sales management apps have been developed to address numerous problems and challenges posed by field sales activities. These are mobile and computer applications which integrate various business and sales processes into one process. These apps have the capability to manage various aspects field sales, thus, eliminating the need to micromanage sales representatives. The field sales app leverages technology by integrating location and order tracking services to enable the managers to keep track of sales activities.

Cygneto Field Sales Management App – Overview

 Cygnet Infotech has developed a field sales management app under the brand name Cygneto Field Sales, keeping in mind, the exhaustive requirements of the sales managers and the field sales process. The app is compatible across multiple mobile platforms like android and iOS. The mobile app leverages location access to track the location activity of the field sales representatives. The mobile app has all the necessary built-in features that helps sales managers as well as executives to manage their daily sales activities and gives ease of reporting.

The application comes with the integrated list of retailers on their assigned routes which helps executives to take orders on the go and a SMS/email goes to the stockist informing about their stock details. Further, the mobile app has the added capability to add and update retailer and its details to the system’s list. The mobile app also has the capability to register and update orders from the buyers. The app integrates email and SMS access so that even the buyers the buyers get an update about the orders they place and update. The field sales management app also integrates a secure payment and accounting system, which can directly import data from accounting software to generate invoices and respective reports.

How the Cygneto Field Sales Management App Eliminates Micromanagement

The Cygneto Field Sales Management App is a comprehensive solution to tackle the problems which field sales managers face when micromanaging sales representatives. The app gives the managers complete track of the sales activities performed by the sales representatives. Through the field sales management app, the sales managers can track the locations of the sales representatives. Hence, the sales managers are always aware of the whereabouts of the sales representatives, without having to micromanage them.

Further, the sales managers can track the orders registered and updated by the sales representatives in real-time, giving them more control over the sales activities. The field sales management app also integrates the buyers into the sales loop. Hence, the sales managers can easily seek feedback about the sales from the buyers. Using the feedback, the sales managers can formulate better sales strategies and policies depending on the requirement of the buyers, thus, driving sales and generating better revenues. In conclusion, the field sales management app eliminates the need to micromanage the field sales representative without affecting the sales. 

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