How can field sales management app be a game changer for you?

Game Changer

Field sales apps can work wonders to streamline your field sales. You can access everything from one place to the sales management app.

SalesForce is a leading CRM developer. They performed research on how the use of sales management app benefits the sales team. The research indicates that using a sales management app can increase your sales productivity by 36%. It can also increase revenue by 30%, and sales forecast accuracy by up to 45%.

Problems faced by Field Sales Managers:
Field sales managers who seek the traditional approach to managing sales face numerous problems. Integrating technology with sales can eliminate many of these problems. Field Sales Management apps provide a power real-time integration of sales with your data. Hence, they make the job of field sales managers easy. The following are the general day-to-day problems faced by Field Sales Managers:

Data-driven approaches and data analysis
Data analysis is one of the biggest challenges faced by the sales managers. It is also a key asset for the success of sales. But a lot of data can create a lot of confusion; hence your team can end up wasting a lot of time. Sales managers should be very careful while analyzing the data. A mistake in analyzing can lead to the wrong conclusion and hence, the wrong decision.

Time Management
Time management is another important aspect where the sales managers face difficulties. Data analysis can consume a lot of time. Hence, sales managers often don’t have the time to meet with the sales team and discuss important issues. As a sales manager, it is important that you meet with the sales team at periodic intervals. Moreover, as a manager, you must address the problems that you face. You should also provide insights to formulate strategies to overcome the problems.

A Sales Management App: A solution to all your field sales management problems

The businesses are changing with the digital trend. Hence, it is necessary for the field sales management process to change as well. Field Sales Management mobile application can provide useful insights into various problems faced by field sales managers. Sales Management applications offer security and mobility. It also offers numerous options for customization to set up an automated business sales process.

Efficient Data Management
By providing timely inputs, a field sales management app enables tracking and monitoring the sales data. Timely data input solves many problems which arise due to improper data management. Field sales management apps also provide valuable data analyzing solutions. These solutions eliminate the possibility of the incorrect data analysis.

Efficient Time Management
The field sales management app accrues data in real time. Hence, the sales managers can capitalize on the time allocated to aggregate and manage the data. Moreover, field sales app also assists in analyzing the data more efficiently. Hence it saves the time assigned to data analysis. The sales managers can capitalize on the time saved by the field sales management app. They can use this time to interact with the sales team.

Instant order booking
Using the field sales management app, the sales representatives can book the orders instantly. The sales representative can select the retailer by first selecting his route from a predefined set of routes. Then he can select the stockist from where the retailer wants to order the goods. He then can select the items and the number of items to be ordered. The sales management app can send the order details to the retailer and the stockist. This can be done through SMS and Email. The field sales management app offers real-time tracking of orders as well.

Location tracking
The Field Sales Manager has access to the primary server of the field sales management system. He can track the location of all the sales representatives in real-time. He can check whether the sales representative has visited all the retailers assigned to them. He can also check the reason a retailer has not placed an order.

MIS reports
The app is integrated with a Sales Management System. The Field sales management system can generate MIS reports. The senior managers further analyze the MIS reports. These MIS reports can be used to forecast sales by analyzing the data. MIS reports can also prove helpful in evaluating problems, making decisions, and tracking sales progress.

Multiple Integrations
Field sales management app can be integrated with several field sales management systems. The integration of the app with the system can help capitalize on the abilities of the app. This integration helps the managers track and analyse the data in real-time.

100% secure
The sales management app is built on a robust programming platform. It offers maximum security to the sales representatives and the managers. The data transferred through such applications is 100% secure. No one can access the data without the proper authorization. 

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