How Field Sales Management Tools are Changing the Face of FMCG Industry?

How Tools like Cygneto Field Sales are transforming the FMCG Industry

Remember the time when people had to walk to the nearest stores and buy groceries? Well, in a few years’ time, the same will be urban legends owing to the growth of the FMCG industry. When the industry was first digitalized, it was only about going to a paperless transaction which was combined with the sales persons delivering the products with the devices for tracking the deliveries. Even then, when processes were not automated, digitization showed a significant increase in productivity levels of working forces, distribution techniques and how tracking is displayed.

With the advent and ultimate use of Smartphones, every single aspect of mobile ordering has taken a giant digital leap in the FMCG industry. Field sales applications, today, are driven by artificial intelligence, chatbots, real-time analytics, consumer behavior analysis, real-time tracking, and so on! The potential for Sales Field Force Automation has been multiplied manifolds with these innovations.

How Do Field Sales Applications solve Major FMCG Industry Issues?

According to the Asso-Cham Tech-Sci Research report, FMCG Industry is the 4th largest sector in India – it contributes a huge chunk to the national economy. To bolster faster growth and sustain the economy, it becomes necessary to pay due attention to the problems that the industry is facing.

Some of the challenges that the industry faces are efficient management of orders, keeping a track of all the orders are the same time, increasing the productivity of the sales field force, etc. Owing to miscommunication, it sometimes becomes difficult to keep track of all happenings. Furthermore, failure to update prices results in confusion to the customer, which ultimately contributes to the decrease in production and sales. However, one the most important challenges is obtaining a clear and deeper insight into what people want and leveraging sales according to consumer behavior. Here’s how Field Sales Management Tools help resolve a multitude of issues in the FMCG industry:

Route Optimization
The retail stores are now becoming an integrated platform of online and offline networks with the development of sales order applications. Businesses can track the nearest retail store with the geo-codes so that deliveries can be reached in time with the shortest distance covered.

Communication Management
Communication between business operators and the customers pertaining to order delivery is one of the most important factors that sales automation addresses. Sales automation helps in diversifying the contacts into three different categories of interested customers, retailers, and the customers who have already been contacted. These give a deeper insight into the customer’s purchasing behavior and what would they be interested in.

Order Management
Managing orders are about keeping all the channels of distribution synchronized with the distributor app. This process includes aspects of purchasing products, pacing orders, confirming orders, order delivery and order acceptance. With sales automaton, it becomes easier to track the progress of the product delivery process.

Cygneto Field Sales App – Accelerating Growth of the Indian FMCG Industry

The most significant change in how the FMCG industry works is through the data-driven strategy of marketing being adopted by the businesses. Cygneto Field Sales App helps in executing these data-driven strategies by providing real-time reports and synchronizing all data. It makes the whole process smooth and can be customized depending upon the requirements of individual businesses. This helps in building long-term relationships with all stakeholders. Contact us today and request a demo!

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