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Cygneto Mobile Ordering App

Create your own m-commerce store with functionalities like product catalogue management, shopping cart integration & more with the Cygneto Mobile Ordering App.

The M-commerce Wave

The smartphone has become the new PC in today’s world, as the spread of the mobile frenzy reaches new heights in the twisting and turning digital journey that we find ourselves on.  Today, more people are accessing the Internet through their phones as compared to their laptops or desktops, due to the immense freedom and convenience that mobile devices provide us with. The trend of using mobile devices to achieve increased accessibility to the Internet started with rampant use of social media networks, communication applications and more, while eventually progressing into the realm of online shopping. This is when the concept of m-commerce applications and mobile app development became a major aspect to delve into, for both customers as well as companies.  

Cygneto Fact File: On a global scale, m-commerce solutions make up approximately 34% of all e-commerce transactions. Moreover, countries like Japan and South Korea are expanding into the realm of m-commerce at a lightning fast rate. They became the first countries to have more than 50% of their e-commerce transactions through mobile devices.

Problems with M-Commerce

Today, companies are keeping an eye out for the way in which mobile use is changing and evolving through technological advancement and consumer behaviour. This can be viewed as a wonderful opportunity to create and launch your own B2B ordering app or B2C ordering app. At Cygneto Apps, we provide the best interface to create your own customizable mobile ordering app.

Mentioned below are some of the problems that most mobile ordering solutions face in the tumultuous storm of digitisation:

  • Security: The fear of security is borne out of the numerous vulnerabilities that activities such as hacking, phishing and unauthorized surveillance have exposed in the digital age. Moreover, threats from sources like viruses, malicious programs and malware have been a focal point for the fear that plagues the industrial applications of m-commerce.
  • Screen size and Consumer Behaviour: Another major problem that was unearthed by companies after studying the vast market of mobile apps users was the way in which screen size affected buying behaviour. The lack of adequate screen size resulted in a considerable decrease in consumer interest owing to the lack of visibility and feel that was evident from the same.
  • Speed and User Experience: The perfect nightmare for a mobile shopper is to have their internet connection give way due to the slow loading speed of the site/page. Moreover, not having a well-structured website with proper navigation and a crisp design can result in users losing out on a wholesome shopping experience.

Cygneto Mobile ordering app

We at Cygneto understand the importance of paradigm shifts and want you to trust us as far creating your own mobile store is concerned. Our mobile ordering app can help you overcome all the major obstacles that the m-commerce industry is facing today. Moreover, the amount of customizability and freedom that you get while you try to build mobile app using our M commerce application!

  • Easy setup and implementation: Your worries about starting-troubles and complicated setup procedures can be satiated once you understand the convenience that the Cygneto mobile ordering app provides for you. In three basic steps, you can have your complete m-commerce application up and running. These steps include
  1. Creating & optimising your mobile store,
  2. Designing your product catalogue, and
  3. Promoting your mobile shopping app.

The power of social media platforms as well as traditional ways of mobile marketing, such as SMSes, can be harnessed with ease through the application.

  • No “development” headaches: If you thought creating your mobile store involved a ton of coding and technical expertise, you might want to get ready for a dance of joy! Our app provides you access to a dashboard that is completely customizable according to your business needs. The dashboard can also allow you to tailor complete marketing campaigns according to the needs of your business.
  • Product Catalogue Creation Exemplified: With the simple and efficient backend capabilities that the app provides, you can create multiple product catalogues without needing to invest too much thought or energy. You can also manage product characteristics, such as product descriptions, pricing, export details, and images at the click of a few buttons.
  • Profile Creation Simplified: Edit the navigation and overall look and feel of your website without complicating things. The simple and efficient way in which customizability is achieved through our application can give you tons of freedom to
  1. manage delivery options,
  2. create and manage payment gateways
  3. configure currency settings and
  4. indulge in shopping cart customisation

It is time for another paradigm shift, where you have the opportunity to redefine the very backbone of the m-commerce industry. With the Cygneto Mobile ordering app, you can design & tailor this shift according to the needs & requirements of your business. Grab this opportunity & be a part of the new wave of m-commerce!

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