Can Field Sales Management benefit the Footwear Industry as well?

Field Sales Solution for Footwear Industry

Traditional field sales management in the Footwear industry

Most of the industries, despite the technological advances in field sales management, still stick to the traditional field sales processes. The footwear industry is one industry which is yet to adopt the field sales automation and field sales management modules. Most of the manufacturers and companies within the footwear industries still follow the traditional approach towards field sales management. In the traditional approach, the field sales manager must constantly maintain the communication link with the field sales representatives to be updated about the progress.

The traditional approach towards field sales management is very time-consuming and inefficient. The field sales managers and the field sales representatives allocate most of their time to maintaining communication and doing administrative tasks. Hence, the field sales managers have less time to perform more important tasks like strategizing and planning. Even the field sales representatives have less time to perform the task of meeting prospective clients and generating more sales. Hence, it can be concluded that the traditional approach towards field sales management is very inefficient.

How can Field Sales Automation help the Footwear industry?

Adopting automation in the field sales management processes can be greatly beneficial to any industry. The footwear industry has numerous benefits on which it can capitalize if it adopts the field sales automation processes. The field sales management and field sales automation modules can help the manufacturers generate higher revenues by accomplishing higher sales. Another important benefit that the footwear industry can reap by adopting the field sales automation system is that it will put them on the global sales roadmap.

Most of the companies in the footwear industry still use the traditional approach towards field sales. They have a pre-defined supply chain through which the product reaches from the manufacturers to the consumers. The manufacturers supply the products to the stockists, who, in turn, provides the products to the wholesalers. The wholesalers supply the products to the retailers and the retailers supply the product to the consumers. However, the problem with this supply chain is that the higher level doesn’t know about the sales of the lower level, and hence, it is difficult to estimate the quantity of product that they will order next. One of the major issues is that the top management people are not in constant touch with their on-ground sales team and their daily activities. To keep them informed they need to call them every 2-3 hours to check their productivity and number of orders received per retailer.

Field sales automation results in increased sales efficiency

Field sales management is a time-consuming task which involves a lot of administrative and communication work, over and above the actual task of achieving sales. However, field sales automation integrates numerous related processes into a single process and thus, increases the sales efficiency.

For example, in the case of the footwear industry, the wholesalers do not know about the sale of the retailers, and the stockists do not know about the sales of the wholesalers. This means, that each higher level in the sales process hierarchy does not know about the sales of the lower level. By adopting Field sales automation, this problem can easily be solved, and each higher level will have access to the sales information of the lower levels. This will enable higher levels to streamline their ordering schedules and create better ordering forecasts. It will also help the manufacturer in understanding the total demand of their products, and help them streamline their manufacturing process to meet the needs of the consumers.

The Footwear Industry may not need CRM, but it needs automation

One of the very first questions posed by the sales experts from the footwear industry is that if they don’t need Customer Relationship Management tools, then why should they invest in field sales automation tools? However, field sales automation is not limited just to Customer Relationship Management. Field sales automation has a wider scope and can be used to integrate attendance module, accounting modules, billing modules, stocking modules, communication modules, MIS modules, etc. These modules not only make the sales process easier and straight-forward but also increase the efficiency of the sales process.

Automate the sales links between companies and sellers

One of the top advantages of the sales process automation system for footwear industries is that it can link and automate the order process from the bottom of the sales chain to the top of the sales chain. Field sales management has the capability to link the inventories right from the seller to the wholesaler to the stockist, to the company management. Through linking the inventories, the companies can evaluate the stock of various retailers, wholesalers, and stockists, and evaluate what & how much they must produce in order to meet the demands. Linking of the inventories through field sales automation also offers the capability of studying consumption trends to the company management.

The Cygneto Field Sales App offers great benefits to the Footwear industry

The Cygneto Field Sales App is one of the top field sales management apps for businesses – small and large. It offers integrated capabilities to automate the various field sales management processes like communication and tracking between the sales managers and sales representatives. It also offers integration of accounting modules like Tally for efficient and straightforward billing. Moreover, it also offers integration of MIS which can help the sales managers and senior management study the consumption and sales trends to create sales forecasts. Over and above these essential qualities, the Cygneto Field Sales App also offers a desktop interface to the sales managers and other authorized management personnel. The managers can utilize the desktop interface to track sales activities of the sales representatives among other things which can help in increasing the efficiency of the field sales marketing process.

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