How Can Tea Manufacturers Leverage a Sales Automation Tool like Cygneto Field Sales?

Tea manufacturer leveraging sales through Cygneto Field Sales App

Tea and beverage companies face many challenges while trying to satisfy their customer’s taste such as adjusting product lines and meeting constantly changing consumer demands. Recently, this desire for instant gratification has found its way into the B2B sector, and most distributors recognize they have no choice but to keep up. In this case, the solution is quite clear – the best way to meet your market expectations is a field sales automation solution that simplifies both ordering and streamlining.

Current Challenges in the Tea Manufacturing Industry

1. Lean Manufacturing
Manufacturers have to deal with high competition and be cost-effective at the same time. They work in an environment where they have to do give effort with less money.

2. Changing Relationships
Many business processes are becoming automated and high-level process automation is changing the relationship between manufacturers and suppliers.

3.  Employee retention
One of the most challenging tasks for a tea manufacturer or any other business is finding and keeping qualified staff for selling. Also maintaining a strong relationship with their distribution channel which helps them sell better and bigger. This even gets rectified by having all sales data at a commonplace accessible to the management.

4. Changing Market Expectation
In a world where everything runs on iPhones and Amazon, it’s no surprise that today’s customer expects everything faster, cheaper, and better. Retailer’s high demand and expectation is also a challenge.

Cygneto Field Sales is a powerful solution for businesses with small-large field force. It includes everything a Tea Manufacturer needs to streamline their sales ordering processes. The three main considerations for selecting a field force solution are usability reliability, and ease of integration. In order to efficiently manage their processes, field sales tools are the need of the hour for Tea Manufacturers and also other players in the beverage industry.

How to Leverage Cygneto Field Sales Automation

1. Book Orders
Tea manufacturers can leverage instant order booking from the Cygneto App. Sales Executives can book orders from anywhere and at any time. Additionally, all orders taken by sales executives in the app can be viewed by the managers from their web dashboard. As a result, the company saves time and can work on multiple orders at the same time.

2. Instantly Receive Orders
Because of the fast-moving nature of the industry, one of the main concerns of manufacturers is getting regular updates on all orders. Cygneto Field Sales offers a comprehensive solution where all distributors are updated on the orders as soon as it is placed. Instant updates make Cygneto Field Sales the best mobile field ordering solution for Tea Manufacturers.

3.  Summarize Orders
With Cygneto Field Sales, all orders are summarized on a daily basis so that the associated distributors can access the entire day’s orders in one place! Additionally, these summaries are automatically generated which gives more time to managers for strategizing business processes.

4. Real-Time Reporting
Managers will be able to keep a keen check on the activities of all their sales executives and distributors in one place! There is no need for managers to individually check on each of their team members with Cygneto Field Sales – all activities are directly reported to managers instantly.

5. Track Sales Executives
The mobile sales app allows you take advantage of live tracking of on-ground executives. The application enables the location tracking of all executives and their whereabouts. As a result, it becomes easy to keep track of their daily activities.

6. MIS Reports
One of the most important tools for strategizing is data. Managers need to analyze daily sales reports (DSR) that gets auto-generated from the system and figure out how to make use of past data to develop strategies for future operations of the business. Cygneto Field Sales offers automatically generated MIS Reports offering user-wise and product category-wise sales reports.

7. Manage Your Account
The payment records that are generated from the tally are directly uploaded on the system. This allows the tea manufacturer to see invoice number, date, opening balance, and pending amount – all on the same platform.

Managers can conveniently manage their sales team, retailers and distributors through the application on the phone and through their dashboard. Beat your competition through this application and get benefitted with increased efficiency of your entire team. Streamline your processes with Cygneto Field Sales. Contact us to get a demo today!

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