Essential Features Every M-Commerce Mobile App Must Have

Cygneto’s suggested list of features to keep in mind while creating a customized mobile ordering app for your business.

Mobile apps are here to stay and here’s why we should all gear up for the emerging mobile-friendly market. From defining your product to discovering delivery strategies to finally designing the app – all of these steps are equally important. Businesses and developers need to start paying attention to this fast-growing market to convert potential revenue.

Internet retailers often send out reports stating that mobile sales are as high as they’ve ever been. All their statistics are in favor of the mobile sales market. Google reports have shown that mobile searches have surpassed the number of searches made for desktops, laptops, or tablets. All of this checks out when you think about consumer convenience. These mobile apps provide a wide range of services ranging from all sectors. Users can access any service they want from any place and at any time.  Grocery needs? They have an app for that. Are you a fan of bedtime reading? Yes, they have an app for that as well.

Importance of Integrating Features

Businesses have thrived ever since the introduction of mobile apps. Their services are more accessible, and their customers more satisfied. However, things can get a bit confusing for businesses who are about to dive into the world of mobile apps. You may not know where to begin, or you might have a fully developed app which doesn’t perform – it doesn’t matter so long as you’re paying attention to how you’re building your app. All successful apps need to have quality features. Businesses need these features to prove the relevance of their apps in the highly competitive mobile applications market.

Here are some of the essential features that all businesses and mobile app developers must include in their mobile app:

Intuitive User Experience
On an extremely basic level, your mobile app needs to be smooth. Developers need to avoid lagging and slow load times as these issues are not inherent to intuitive experiences. All features should be easily accessible and the registration process should be as concise and to-the-point.

Feedback System
After you’ve launched your app, you need to make sure that you put a strong feedback system in place. Learn and analyze user experience to constantly improve upon the defects, bugs or issues detected by users. If users find easy ways to report issues and witness those issues being fixed, the system becomes highly effective. Such a relationship between the user and the provider is beneficial to the business in the long run.

In the process of adding quality features, businesses sometimes misguidedly cram a lot of features on their app and this ends up not only increasing its load time but also decreasing its relevance. Some features might make the app look cooler but end up reducing its functionality. If an app is not functional, it is not relevant.

Social Media Integration
Sign-ins enabled by social media accounts have become one of the most popular ways that users now use to create accounts. Against the traditional long-form registration process, a quick and easy social media enabled sign-in is faster and more convenient.

Businesses must analyze customer behavior on their app and optimize all their products accordingly. There are a lot of tools available which you can include in your app design and contemplate where you can do better. With the help of this feature, businesses can single out the products which are doing extremely well, and identify those which aren’t.

Mirroring an OS
Your app needs to not only perform equally good on all devices that users can possibly access it from. Make sure you have optimized the looks, features and functionality keeping in mind all considerations for Android, Windows and Apple devices.

Multiple Payment Methods
Offer payment methods that are known and trusted. Multiple payment methods ensure that users aren’t forced to choose a method they’re not comfortable with.

Comprehensive Mobile Store
Make sure that you cover all products and services through your catalog without clogging it. Include product images of optimal size. Make sure you have filtering enabled for products across all categories so that your users can browse through the catalog hassle-free.

These features, however, are of no use without back-end support. Mobile app development is a methodical procedure which requires you to ensure that your app has covered all bases – from a strong back-end to an aesthetically appealing front-end. You need to be flexible in your approaches and strategy plans to be able to adapt to changing circumstances with the ability to not affect the project speed. Share knowledge, put little groups together, and build a cross-functional clockwork team.

Cygneto’s Customized Mobile App Development Services

Cygneto offers custom designs based on your business’ needs. Our apps include all features like easy sign-ins, easy profile management, order history, multiple payment methods, faster loading times, customizability, etc. Vendors can run deals and offers through their dashboard and manage all products in just the matter of a few clicks. Cygneto offers end-to-end solutions for all your mobile app development needs. We also offer marketing solutions for your app that enable you to send notifications through SMS services and push notification services. Visit our website now to build a unique customized mobile app with all essential features included and much.

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