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On ground route management app

A field person always carries a bag of expectations and challenges that need to be fulfilled. The challenges can be many such as on time sales update, order booking, retailer’s data etc. His or her productivity is defined by the number of visits done/orders booked by the executive. Though there are many applications available in the market company needs to select the one based on their team’s requirement and order booking facility from the retailers/customers.        

Fulfilling that demand, Cygneto Field Sales application has been developed to help incline company managers, on-ground sales team and their distribution channel towards one single direction.  

Following Solution features help Managers from across the industries chose Cygneto Field Sales over other solutions:

Route Assignment
Cygneto Field Sales application helps managers assign routes to the sales executives based on which they take up orders from the retailers on their assigned routes. The mobile sales application comes with multiple features allowing the sales team to showcase their daily sales productivity. System on the backend allows managers to check the daily orders booked and placed, this decreases the gap in communication between a field sales employee and retailers.

Improvement in sales Productivity
The sales territory for each field representative is pre-defined and they do not compete against each other for the same accounts. Thus, for execution of retailer territory, field force schedule, working hours of retailers, sales executive’s internet connectivity, appointment booking, and working hours of the field force are considered. Cygneto Field Sales helps sales executives prevent area overlaps with other sales executives. The application reduces confusion, wastage of time and money, and enhances productivity. A well-defined territory has a direct impact on sales revenues and it also boosts sales volume, raises efficiency, and improves team morale.

Avail Information Outside the Office
Imagine a situation where your sales team is on the ground to take orders from the retailers without showcasing the company products, in that case, he/she needs to talk verbally about the products to them. Cygneto Field Sales application comprises of all the product images in the app along with the quantity block, which allows sales officer’s to place direct orders from the respective retailer without any mistake.

Commit to Core Objectives by Territory Planning
As sales executive need to devise a plan for themselves in order to meet up their daily/monthly targets keeping their retailer’s/distributors in mind. The application helps managers to construct a more detailed plan by breaking down their objectives and assigning weekly targets. After punching the order, the system automatically updates the company heads, retailers, and distributors which help reduce the communication gap.

Managing the Sales Process with CFS
One of the challenging parts of being a field sales executive is that they multitask at the same time. They need to call the retailer and arrange a meeting, travel across the city to reach the location, negotiate about sales, manage all paperwork, and handle data and payment. Cygneto’s sales force automation app gives them the opportunity to manage route selection, product catalogs, email and SMS communication, and more! Executives can manage remote retailers from anywhere through the application, take surveys, handle payment collection, raise expenses etc.

With all the above-mentioned features and benefits, on-ground field sales executives can become versatile and more flexible with their sales/order booking process. Company heads can easily channelize their team and differentiate themselves from the generic solutions available in the market.

Manage your field-sales team and their orders very well with Cygneto Field Sales – Contact us for a demo today!

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