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Field Sales attendance management

The importance of employee attendance

Managing the attendance of employees is important to maintain a healthy work environment in the workplace. Moreover, the attendance of the employees is one of the key factors which play a role in constituting a team with a good performance. Even if a company’s work policies allow working remotely, it is essential to track the delays and the last-minute changes in the schedule of the employees. If all these factors are not tracked, the managers can face severe problems in work delegations, especially in companies with a smaller workforce. When a company has a smaller workforce, it is very unlikely that they will have anyone to cover up for unaccounted and untracked changes. Further, due to the untracked and last-minute changes in the schedule of the employees, even the organization faces additional time expenses and excessive costs. Moreover, such behavior of the employees must be kept in check because it can affect the dedication and the morale of other employees of the organization.

Overlooking absenteeism – The negative aspects

As discussed above, there are numerous problems associated with the unscheduled and untracked absence of the employees. The following are some of the major concerns which affect the managers and the business owners:

Lower performance

Absenteeism results in an eventual drop in performance of the employees. For example, employees who are habituated to taking unscheduled leaves often spend more idle time even when they are at work. This affects the productivity of the entire team and thus, the productivity of the organization.

Motivation and morale

Whenever employees take unscheduled leaves, it affects the morale and the motivation of the entire organization. The employees who have to cover the work of the absent employees are further aggravated owing to the added workload. This added workload may result in added stress and eventually, fatigue.

Increased expenses to cover the work

Most large organization have replacement employees who can take over the workload of the employees who take unscheduled leaves. However, smaller organizations cannot afford to hire replacement employees, and thus hire contractors to maintain team performance. However, either case increases the cost of human resources.

Increased expenses for time management

Whenever an employee takes unscheduled leaves, disciplinary actions are taken which result in further wastage of time. Hence, it takes longer to complete and deliver the work which causes problems in meeting the deadlines. Hence, the organization has to bear the cost of missing deadlines which can affect the overall revenues of the company.

All the problems which have been discussed above affect the field sales operation team much more than other teams. The field sales representatives have daily targets, which, if not met, can affect the monthly targets set by the field sales managers. Failure to meet deadlines and targets further aggravates the problems for other departments. Absenteeism also causes many more problems which lead to poor quality of work and service, dissatisfied customers, and eventually, loss of revenue.

Benefits of tracking attendance

To deal with the problems caused by absenteeism, many companies have adopted software which helps them in tracking attendance of the employees. Tracking the attendance of employees at work has numerous benefits, especially for the field sales department. Keeping a track of the data on an absence of employees is essential to control the work processes in any organization, however big or small. Further, managing the employee absence database can also help the organizations avoid numerous direct and indirect costs associated with it.

Decreased cost of missing deadlines

When absenteeism is kept in check, the work schedules are more predictable and well-planned. Hence, the workflow can be maintained and the scheduled deadlines can be easily met. Thus, the costs incurred due to the payment of penalties for overshooting deadlines are reduced.

Lower costs incurred due to overtime

When the attendance data of the employees is maintained, the managers are able to plan and delegate work in a better manner. Thus, the managers can prepare more accurate schedules and meet feasible deadlines without the employees having to work overtime. Thus, the costs incurred due to paying employees for working overtime can be saved.

Improved productivity

When the employee attendance data is managed well, work is delegated accurately, which results in the completion of the monthly and daily targets. Thus, the productivity of the organization increases. This benefit applies especially to the companies and organizations which deal with field sales.

Cygneto Field Sales App inculcates the benefits of attendance tracking system

The Cygneto Field Sales App is very useful for the field sales managers and also the field sales employees. It makes the jobs of the field sales representatives and managers very easy by taking over a lot of administrative responsibilities. Moreover, the Cygneto Field Sales App also includes an integrated employee attendance and tracking system within its modules. The sales representatives can punch in their attendance directly via the application which captures their image along with time & location. Using it, the managers can track the location of the field sales representatives, track their daily progress, and check whether they have reached their targets. Over and above these features, the field sales managers can now also keep a track of the attendance and the work hours of the field sales representatives.

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