How Are Mobile Retail Apps Transforming Offline Retail Business?

Mobile Retail Apps

Learn how Cygneto’s mobile retail app can help propel your brand towards a more profitable future. It is the answer to successful online to offline integration.

Mobile Retail App: Convenience at your fingertips

Multi-tasking is the definitive word of this century some would say. And they would not be entirely incorrect. With everyone trying to do ten things at a time, the world and everyone’s lives are spurring with the advent of internet. And in a world of mobile phones, mobile apps have taken over people’s lives in a most significant way. Mobile apps have been on the rise for some time now. After all, who would want to spend hours impatiently waiting in rush hour traffic or in long queues at the billings counter, when retail stores can be brought to your fingertips for your access as and when you please. How important is it in such times for retail businesses to have a mobile retail app of their own?

5 ways how Cygneto Mobile Retail App is transforming retail businesses

Mobile ordering applications are the game changers, no matter what the business is. Here are 5 ways how Cygneto Mobile retail app can transform your retail business:

1.It’s fun!

Our mobile retail app helps customers interact with your products in several exciting ways. Your brand’s online interface can be designed to give your customers the opportunity to experience products without even having to leave the comfort of their homes. What’s more is that the customer gets a more holistic shopping experience via their mobiles than going to an actual shop since they can peruse the entire catalogue of products all at the same time.

 2. Loyalty points and gifts for your loyal customers:

When it comes to getting surprises or gifts everyone becomes a child. It is happiness that delights everyone and an easy way to keep your customers coming back to you. Coupons, gift cards, surprise hampers, all make up for a great way of marketing your products while shouting Christmas for your customers. Mobile ordering apps are an easy way to keep track of sales records and frequencies of shopping by their users thereby making it easy to involve large number of customers at the same time in interesting loyalty based experiences. This also becomes a great way to market your brand and keep your loyal customers coming back for more.

 3.Convenience is king:

With the Cygneto retail mobile app, customers can find exactly what they need via customizable search engines. Easy modes of payment, easy returns, quick deliveries, updated catalogues, etc. all add up to create the most convenient yellow brick road that can help Dorothy reach Oz. Customers can review products, compare them and test them before they go ahead to buying them, thereby giving them the guarantee of receiving the best value for their money. At the same time, the app can tell your customers exactly what products are available at the shop and which are not, making the actual shopping process extremely easy and convenient. Offering a merchandise feature through your app to suit your customer’s lifestyle and needs can transform their purchase experience while also giving your sales a big boost.

 4.Customer Satisfaction:

At the end of the day it all comes back to whether your customer leaves the app or your store happy or disgruntled. With features such as order history records, custom branding, and profile management, you can understand your customer’s needs perfectly and thereby you can be able to provide them service at its best. Additionally, by keeping a track on the shopping history, the app can give suggestions and updates to your customers, thus giving them one on one attention and care.

 5.Online-Offline network:

Lastly, our mobile ordering application is a perfect solution to your marketing problem. The word spreads easily via several modes of social media integration. This brings your brand to attention thereby also boosting sales at your offline retail stores. A well-made mobile ordering app can give your brand a leg up in these competitive market trends.

The fact that everybody is doing it makes it imperative that you not be left behind. Creating an interactive, experimentally enhanced mobile retail app is all you need to be the cool kid on the block of retail businesses.

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