Mobility in Field Sales Management can catapult success to new heights

Mobility in Field Sales

What is Mobility?

Mobility in field sales is the ability to the people and information to be moved or be transferred from one location to another easily and conveniently. The faster is the process of moving information from one location to another, or from one person to another, the more efficient is the overall outcome. The mobility of both, employees and information is extremely important for businesses, especially for the sales departments. The mobility of the field sales executives from the office to prospective clients is extremely important for field sales. In addition to the mobility of the field sales executives, even the mobility of information from the field sales executives to the field sales managers is integral. The field sales operations can be managed more effectively if the mobility of data is quick and efficient.

The Importance of Mobility in Field Sales

The advancements in mobile communication technology have greatly enhanced the mobility of both, the field sales executives and information. Mobile communication has drastically improved the time taken for the communication of information between the field sales executives and managers. With the ever-expanding smartphone and Internet market in India, businesses have a lot to gain from the implementation of mobile technology in their processes. The eventual implementation of mobility in the business processes has led to the development of sales force automation. Sales force automation provides an even more powerful and efficient way to enhance the capabilities of the business processes. Sales force automation empowers the field sales executives and managers to focus their efforts more on activities that generate revenue.

Integrating Mobility into the Business Architecture

Most organizations have already integrated the Internet as an essential part of their business architecture. The Internet facilitates the mobility of data and information from one point to another quickly and with ease. Similarly, the integration of mobile communication devices like smartphones into the business architecture has even more benefits. Many organizations have started implementing the integration of smartphones with the business architecture and processes. Integration of smartphones also facilitates the automation of various business processes including the automation of sales processes.

The business process of field sales management can greatly benefit from the integration of mobility. The field sales executives have access to a mobile communication device, which enables them to route the sales information to the managers. However, if instead of communicating the information through phone calls, the information is routed through software programs, the efficiency of communication can be greatly enhanced. Sales force automation bridges the gap between the existing infrastructure and the future requirements of field sales management.

Competitive Edge through Mobility and Sales Force Automation

Sales force automation enhances the mobility of data and information between various points of the business architecture. Automation of field sales management enables the field sales executives to transmit the information to managers without actually communicating. The field sales executives and managers have access to field sales automation software. The field sales executives can enter the key information needed by the managers into an app on their smartphones.

The managers have access to a desktop application which aggregates all the data which the field sales executives input. Hence, instead of wasting time in calling or communicating with the field sales executives, the managers have access to all the key data. This enables the managers to invest more of their time in strategic planning rather than idling their time on communicative tasks. SFA even enables the field sales executives to spend less time on administrative tasks like billing.

Sales force automation can also be integrated without numerous other business processes like billing, accounting, human resource management, etc. Such inter-departmental integration enables the businesses to streamline various processes which require inputs from multiple departments. As the processes are streamlined, the efficiency increases, and so does the revenue of the business. Most businesses have observed a 20% increase in revenues within two years of the implementation of SFA.

Cygneto Field Sales Management App: An Ideal Solution

The Cygneto Field Sales Management is a mobile application developed by Cygneto to facilitate mobility in field sales. It is a sales force automation module which can be integrated with various third-party modules to create effective sales force automation. The Cygneto Field Sales Management mobile app enables the field sales executives to input key sales data required by the field sales managers. It also enables the managers to track the sales data through the desktop app. It also further empowers the sales managers to track all activities of the field sales executives without the need of micromanaging them. The Cygneto Field Sales Management App can be easily integrated with various accounting software packages like Tally, and human resource management software packages. Thus, the Cygneto Field Sales App offers an ideal start to the sales force automation process for organizations.

To find out more information about the Cygneto Field Sales Management App, get in touch with the Cygneto business development team.

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