Oriental Wedding Practices Explained

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Uncategorized / 21.03.2023

A common superstition is the fact if a star of the event walks within red umbrella onto her wedding day, it will eventually ensure fertility in her future family. This is why it is usually a bridesmaid’s work to hold one particular for her!


In many Oriental cultures, a hair combing ceremony is performed on the eve of the marriage. Get the inside scoop The bride’s mom or a person of honor via her expanded family performs this symbolic ritual, which involves combing the bride’s curly hair and bestowing wishes for your happy matrimony, good https://www.eviemagazine.com/post/beauty-standards-around-the-world-france fortune, children and grandchildren.

Onto her wedding day, a Chinese bride serves tea to her new husband’s family members and kneels in the garden. This displays respect and gratitude for her parents-in-law and demonstrates her popularity into the groom’s family. She could also be provided a title which mirrors her husband’s status in the family unit.

This is followed by a procession towards the bride’s residence, led by the groom together with his entourage. This is combined with gongs, firecrackers and music. Many couples also have lion dancers lead the way which is believed to defend against evil state of mind. Guests are required to give the bride and groom gifts involving in purple envelopes which can be believed to take good luck. The bride may even return to her parent’s house two days afterward for another practice known as Guo Men wherever she is technically introduced to her new family members and presented more gifts. The few will then serve tea with her new granparents and again kneel in front of them.

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