The power of SMS, Emailers, and Push Notifications in mobile ordering app

Email, SMS & Push notifications for mobile app

Introduction to Integrated SMS, Emailers, and Push Notifications

Mobile apps for businesses offer the ability to integrate SMS, Emailer, and Push Notification. Most business owners overlook this feature and keep it limited to just sending receipts and receiving orders. In doing so, the business owners are limiting the marketing potential of these apps and thereby, incurring huge opportunity costs. There are a number of ways to exploit these functionalities in order to harness the maximum capability of the mobile ordering app. Let’s understand in detail how you can harness the power of SMS, Emailers, and Push Notifications for marketing.

Exploit the power of integrated SMS for marketing

Ever since the mainstream use of SMS started, they have been used massively for marketing purposes. The reason why SMS are such an effective means of promotion is that the content of the SMS is conveyed to the users in a short span. Studies suggest that most mobile phone users favor SMS notification over other notifications – deeming them to be important. 9 out of 10 SMS which are sent out, be it promotional SMS or otherwise, are read within 3 minutes after they have been delivered.

One of the top advantages of SMS is that they can be used to convey information which may be required by the user urgently. For example, a mobile ordering app can utilize SMS to promote limited period offers.

However, there are always two sides to the coin, and as there are advantages, there are bound to be disadvantaged as well. In the case of SMS, there are more disadvantages than advantages. One of the top advantages is that SMS cannot be used to convey information which the user may require later. Another disadvantage of SMS is that they can only be used to convey short messages. However, when utilized properly and with a deeper understanding of how SMS marketing works, it can do wonders and can catapult the revenues of your business to a whole new level.

Harness the power of integrated Emailers to engage customers

Email marketing has consistently been one of the most important tools for online marketing. A study concludes that 7 out of every 100 E-commerce transactions are conceived through promotional emails. Even after two decades, the effectiveness of email marketing continues to grow.

Behavior analysis tools help email marketers to understand the preferences of the customers and provide relevant content. Through behaviour-triggered email marketing, marketers are able to segment customers down to the minutest of distinction, which greatly benefits mobile ordering applications.

Here are 6 ways in which you can use emails to promote your business:

  • Provide customers an incentive to review products.
  • Set up reminder email when consumers have unbought products in their cart.
  • Reward loyal customers.
  • Send promotional emails to inactive customers.
  • Send promotional email during holidays to increase revenues.
  • Use transactional emails to promote other products.

Utilize the power of Push Notifications to drive revenues

Push notifications usually offer very high rates of customer engagement and conversion as compared to other methods of promotion. The sole reason is that the customers can customize the notifications which they want to receive. Hence, they can choose the relevant promotions for which they want to be notified. This does two things:

  • It makes the customer feel that they are in charge.
  • This helps the business owners to better understand their customers and their needs.

Push Notifications are used by most E-commerce and M-commerce giants to better understand their customers. Through understanding the needs of their consumers, the business owners can cater to their requirements in a better way. Push notifications are a win-win for both the consumers and the business owners.

Push notifications are far more effective than Emailers and SMS marketing campaigns, especially for mobile ordering applications. A survey suggests that customers are more likely to respond to push notifications than emails. The survey further concludes that the click rates for push notifications are 200% that of emails.

Push notifications are highly customizable, and the customers can select what they want to be notified about. SMS and Email are often considered unwanted because it is more difficult for the user to decide when to stop receiving them.

The Cygneto mobile app combines the power of integrated SMS, Emailers, and Push Notifications

The Cygneto mobile ordering application offers the combined power of integrated SMS, Emailers, and Push Notifications. Through proper planning and execution of effective strategies for SMS marketing, Email marketing, and Push Notification marketing, you can catapult your business onto a completely new dimension. Through proper planning, you can schedule promotional emails, push notification reminders, and SMS reminders to create a symbiotic marketing and promotion plan.

For more details about the Cygneto mobile ordering application, you can contact the Cygneto business development team.

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