Role of Analytics in Sales Force Automation Tools

Marketing analytics in sales automation tools helps in generating data-driven sales reports.

Business Intelligence, or BI integration, when teamed up with analytics in field sales automation, plays a major role in increasing return on investment. Sales teams are the ones who depend on data and sales forecasting. Analytics help in monitoring, optimizing the existing business practices.

Sales data needs to be understood by sales teams as well as managers – to generate timely sales reports. The old methods of accessing and maintaining documented sheets of paper can now easily be carried out with the use of analytics. Getting better insights can enhance productivity with a smooth experience and integrating both back-end and front-end solutions.

An extended user interface with tailored viewing for all the retailers, team tracking simplifies and enhances the power tools with real-time insights and capabilities which are measurable and scalable. With enhanced team tracking, sales can also be enhanced and easily be monetized for managers.

How Analytics Enhances Operations in Field Sales

Team tracking, managing various accounts across the interface, delivering the products on time – everything can be enhanced with analytics. Predictive analytics and other techniques of big data play a major role too. Here’s how analytics help the field sales:

Managing Accounts and Territories
Through business intelligence and analytics, managers can get real-time data at their fingertips and use the same for taking smart and fast decisions.

Data Driven Dashboards
The analytics helps save time while managing and churning sales data to generate the rightful information.

Analytics with business intelligence can help in adding and deleting products by suggesting them according to the behavior analytics. It can also help the team when a product is needed. This helps in managing orders by retailers. The analytics will rank retailer according to their behaviors in past and who would be best to deal with their records and reports generation.

Sales projections and channel management
Predictive analytics helps in keeping a check on a day to day activities of retailers with their stockists, distributors, etc. This can be enhanced by integrating analytics where managers can deal with end-to-end deals focus on those which are showing high propensities. Maps and reports based on such insights are also generated to keep a regular check.

Customizable Reports
Analytics can help in generating informed reports based on key performance indicators through all the data accessed from retailers, sales, distributors and their routes. This helps in producing a cost-efficient and taking actions based on such insights for future growth.

How Cygneto Field Sales uses Analytics to Help Companies Perform Better

Cygneto is perfectly capable of generating timely sales reports and consolidating everything into neatly designed dashboards for executives. These features are helpful at all levels of the organization. Additionally, Cygneto Field Sales can provide comprehensive mobile based reports for on-the-go monitoring. The sales routes for all field sales executives can also be optimized with this tool. This, in turn, increases the efficiency of all resources allocated to them. Doing so also reduces the operational costs for the organization.

Cygneto Analytics help you generate multiple reports based on various permutation and combinations as far as the sales data is concerned. Businesses can create data based on helpful insights on retailers with a better use of artificial intelligence cloud system. Emails can be segmented as per the preferences of retailers by analyzing their behaviors, patterns, etc. Cygneto makes use of a transparent system of analyzing, segmenting, management, and optimization tools. Everything can be managed by admin on the dashboard and he has all the rights. Analytics are great tools to manage long-term stakeholder relationships while sustaining them for a better growth of business with Cygneto’s wide range of services.

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