SaaS Based v. Custom App: Why is SaaS-based mobile ordering app development better?

How SaaS-based mobile ordering solutions like Cygneto Mobile are taking over custom app development.

The world, as we know it, is a competitive one. To succeed in any endeavor, an individual needs to establish a unique identity which will set him or her apart from the mix. In order for a business to use their ‘difference’ factors, let’s say, to their advantage, they will need the right set of tools at their disposal – particularly for m-commerce app development since all consumers are going mobile and want services ‘on the go.’

Out of many such tools, there are two which are particularly gaining momentum in the market in terms of popularity and applicability – Custom Developed Apps and SaaS-based Apps. With the availability of two extremely viable options, it is natural for businesses to seek help while choosing one of the two mobile ordering solutions.

What makes SaaS the better pick?

While it is beneficial to pick either one of these comprehensive tools, a competition always results in a winner and for the case of mobile ordering solutions, SaaS-based mobile ordering app development wins over custom apps and here’s why:

Implementation and Deployment
While custom apps could be preferred by some businesses, it is important to note that the speed with which SaaS-based apps can be integrated with your business is much higher than for custom apps. SaaS is a technology which can be deployed immediately for your business – thus helping you deploy your services in the market effectively without delay.

Cost Effectiveness
SaaS-based apps are particularly more cost effective than custom developed apps since they essentially require no investment at all – all that businesses have to do to benefit from SaaS-based apps is pay a one-time fee for setting the tool up and then subscribe to the services with nominally charged monthly subscription plans.

SaaS-based apps are extremely useful in terms of adding new features to the existing solution and offer a good size of feature variation so that businesses can carry out on multiple projects. With custom apps, however, there will be a lot of features which simply go unused.

Investment of Manpower and Scalability
SaaS-based apps are essentially readymade – hence, they do not need extra resources to maintain the software and can be deployed on an as-is basis. Furthermore, these apps can be scaled to greater extents than custom apps.

Third Party Integration
SaaS-based apps come with free built-in application programming interfaces (APIs) which help integrate with third-party applications. However, with custom app development, the integration has to be made at the development stage. Furthermore, if a business wants to integrate a third party app, additional costs will have to be incurred.

The Promise of SaaS across Industries

According to the 2016 SaaS Industry Market Report, SaaS platforms are considered to have attained more stability today with legacy software companies contributing to their hold and simultaneously, the adoption of SaaS is coming out of its dormant stage amongst customers. Furthermore, the report pointed out that an estimated 78% of small businesses will be using SaaS software in the next three years as opposed to the 64% which use it today. Additionally, SaaS is also currently being used in a myriad of industries like health, real estate, construction, energy & utilities, education, legal, retail, financial tech, transportation, agriculture, hospitality, government, and others.

Cygneto Mobile is one such SaaS-based mobile ordering solution for your business. Not only does this power-packed m-commerce app development solution provide scalable customizability, it also offers tailored solutions which can be implemented instantly for your business. Furthermore, Cygneto Mobile helps you in branding your mobile store, developing the best product catalog, manage orders, multiple payment options and so much more!

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