Sales Force Automation: A Boon for Packaged Drinking Water Industry

Sales force automation on packaged drinking water using Cygneto Field Sales

Hygiene and safety concerns boosted the sales of the packaged drinking water industry in the last two decades. Sealed bottles are now more preferred by the masses as they’re considered “clean and healthy”. For the packaged drinking water industry, FY 2018 is a year to watch out for.

According to reports, the packaged drinking water industry is going to grow with a CAGR of 22% and reach the 160bn mark in 2018.

Challenges that Await the Packaged Drinking Water Industry
In spite of the predictions made by the industry surveys, one of the main, the industry hasn’t yet reached its maximum potential. Analyzing these challenges operationally, we can conclude that the problem that lies in the packaged drinking water industry is two-fold:

Managing Distribution Channels
Drinking water is a basic necessity and everyone needs it. Due to the large spread consumer base and the increasing demand for packaged drinking water, the main area where this industry can focus on is timely reach and distribution. Packaged drinking water manufacturing plants thus need to be agiler in terms of distributing a universally demanded product.

Managing Internal Operations
In order to maintain seamless distribution channels, it is important to make sure that raw material that is needed to manufacture packaged drinking water reaches on time. Internally, it is important to keep your sales team aligned with managers so that there is absolute coherence across teams. At the same time, it is important to make sure that packaged drinking water bottles are being sent to the market in a timely manner.

Additionally, one of the main things that packaged drinking water manufacturing plants need to make sure is to conduct operations according to shelf life. While water does not go bad on its own, several environmental and packaging factors come into play here. As a result, packaged drinking water needs to move fast into the market once manufactured.

How Cygneto Field Sales Helps the Packaged Drinking Water Industry

With the execution of sales force automation, this industry can hold more sales and create better management of retailers and their orders. With Cygneto Field Sales application, a complete automation of sales force could be generated and here’s how:

Team Management
Cygneto Field Sales and its attendance management system save time and effort of the sales team at multiple hierarchies. The managers off the field and the sales executive on it – these both will be able to manage seamless communication with the help of an automated application.

Route Optimization
Retailer management could be easily achieved through the Application allowing sales officers to book orders directly on the go. With Cygneto Field Sales application, this can be achieved as managers assign routes to executives. This helps them plan their daily visits and optimizing the use of time and perfect coordination between all team members. As a result, with sales force automation, the delivery process to the distributors is made seamless and hassle-free!

Instant Order Booking
Cygneto field sales application provides an instant order management system, which allows prompt order booking. An SMS or email notification is sent to retailer, distributor upon order booking to make sure that all the stakeholders are in the loop.

Easy Order Booking
Since packaged drinking water has a broad consumer base, it often happens that orders get mixed up and the quantity delivered is not as ordered. Such confusion arises due to the lack of managing order database. With its mobile-friendly utilities, it allows sales executives to punch orders directly into the app and manage their retailers better.

Inbuilt Product Description
With in-built product information, retailers can easily place their orders through company sales executives. The product information comprises of all product name, image, quantity, discount option, etc. thus making it easier for retailers to access all products. As a result, the misunderstandings related to order placement gets eliminated.

Sales Revenue & Productivity
With Cygneto sales force automation over packaged drinking water industry, the sales team will be able to operate systematically with the application. This will save money and time simultaneously. In this case, the sales team doesn’t have to worry about focusing on the right brand or on delivery date or time. This message also reaches the distributor and retailer. Thus, everything is provided in the app and the sales team can act accordingly. In a nutshell, sales team management becomes easy with Cygneto Field Sales.

With the advances in field sales automation currently being made, it is extremely important for all industries to take advantage of the technology at their disposal. Cygneto Field Sales is one such opportunity at the disposal of the packaged drinking water industry to differentiate their processes from traditional processes.

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