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Sales and Accounting in Enterprises

Sales and accounting form an integral part of the business process for corporations and enterprises. Most larger companies and enterprises face problems with sales and integrated accounting procedures. Field sales form an integral part of the sales process. Field sales representatives and managers are an integral part of the field sales team. Field sales manager must closely monitor the day-to-day activities of the field sales representatives. However, field sales managers often find it difficult to micromanage the sales representatives, which leads to various problems in field sales. Sales representative often waste time in reporting to the sales managers. However, if the micromanaging model can be avoided, the sales representative can concentrate more on sales. Problems in sales often result in problems in accounting and all processes which entail the sales process.

Problems that the Enterprises face in Sales and Accounting

Micromanaging the sales representatives is one of the top problems that is faced by the sales managers and the sales team. Micromanaging the sales representatives is very time-consuming for the sales managers. Moreover, due to the human element involved, the reporting done by the sales representative is often skewed. Skewed data reports cause immense problems when the data is used to generate MIS reports. Furthermore, stock maintenance and stock verification also pose an important challenge for the sales representative and managers. Improper stock evaluation and stock management lead to delays in sales and delivery, which further aggravates the problems for the sales managers. The combination of all these problems results in a problem far graver – inaccurate sales forecasting reports. All these problems interfere with the accounting process. Problems in accounting are directly proportional to the problems in sales. Thus, the higher the problem in sales, higher the number of problems in accounting. Resolving these problems consume a lot of time, thus causing opportunity cost to the corporations and enterprises.

Integration of Sales and Accounting Processes

The corporations and companies seek a desperate solution to their accounting problems which are caused due to the problems in sales. If the corporations can come up with a way to integrate their accounting process with the relevant sales process, it may drastically reduce the problems they face in accounting. If the sales and accounting processes are integrated, then even the clients can easily find out their pending payments and clear the outstanding on a periodic basis. The integration of the accounting and sales processes are integrated, even sales managers can take exact decisions for sales team.

Cloud-Based Solutions for Integration of Enterprise Sales and Accounting

One of the top solutions for the sales and accounting problems that the corporations and enterprises face is a cloud-based software application. The cloud-based software applications can offer numerous features which cater to the varying sales and accounting requirements of the businesses. One such cloud-based software application is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. The CRM software application offers numerous modules which the corporations and enterprises can modify according to their requirements. Leading companies, ranging from large corporations to small enterprises have adopted cloud-based solutions to facilitate their sales and accounting processes.

How Cloud-Based Solutions can facilitate sales

Cloud-based software applications like the CRM modules offer virtually seamless connectivity to the sales managers as well as the sales representatives. Such software applications can be used on multiple platforms like mobile devices and computers. Since the software applications use the cloud-based approach to storing the data, numerous devices can seamlessly have access to the updated sales data in real-time. Moreover, the software applications have options to integrate accounting software applications such as Tally and even more complicated applications like SAP. The software applications directly link the sales data to the accounting data and generate prompt bills of receipt to facilitate sales as well as accounting processes. The accounting data can be easily ported to and from the sales software applications.

One of the prime concerns of a company turning to cloud-based sales and accounting solutions is the security of their business transaction data. However, the modern software applications use a wide spectrum of security features to offer a highly secure could platform to the businesses. Some of the key security features of such software applications include:

  • Identity verification features like usernames and passwords.
  • Device identification and authentication using IMEI numbers for mobile devices and MAC and IP addresses for computers.
  • Compulsory Period Password Change
  • Automatic Log Out features when the application is not used for a preset period.
  • Secure data connections using the HTTPS channel links.
  • Remote Data Wipe Out facility in case of security threats.

The security measures ensure that the business transaction data of the corporations and enterprises is completely secure. These features also prevent security breaches to access data by unauthorized personnel. Only those who are authorized to access the data, generally sales managers and senior accounting personnel can securely access the data. This enables the corporation and businesses to conduct their business securely while solving numerous sales and accounting problems.

Companies which offer cloud-based sales and accounting solutions

Software applications such as Sybase and Salesforce are the industry leaders which offer top-notch solutions. However, the top-notch solutions come at a dear price. Such applications take a toll on the revenues of the small businesses and enterprises. The small enterprises can turn to up and coming companies like Cygneto, which offer amazing integrated sales and accounting solutions, which can give the larger companies, a run for their money. Let’s explore the top features of the field sales app offered by Cygneto mobile.

Cygneto Field Sales App

Cygneto Mobile is one of the top up and coming companies which offer cloud-based secure integrated sales and accounting solutions for small and medium enterprises. Cygneto Mobile is the new venture of the already established IT giant – Cygnet. Cygnet has been providing technology solutions for over a decade. The Cygneto Field Sales app offers the integration of the following modules within the framework as per the requirements of the businesses and enterprises:

  • Order Booking
  • Instant Order Details
  • Summary Emails and SMS integration
  • Attendance Management
  • GPS Tracking
  • MIS Reports
  • Accounting

Cygneto Field Sales app offers customised APIs for integration with major ERP and CRM backend systems like SAP, Tally, Microsoft Dynamics, and Siebel.

Over and above the customised API for integration, Cygneto Field Sales app offers the following advantages:

  • Mobile App and Web Dashboard
  • Online and Offline Data Sync
  • Cloud Based Instant Updates
  • Completely Secure Mobile Platform
  • Customized Branding Solutions

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