How Small Retailers Can Succeed with Cygneto Mobile Ordering Solution?

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Small business retailers are an important source of generating income for a country as a whole. Their contribution towards the national GDP is ever-growing! Hence, for small business retailers, arises a need to keep up with the increasing competition in the market. In today’s technology savvy world, m-commerce applications are changing the face of business processes! It’s most significant contribution is how to remain connected with customers – at all times!

In order to engage customers for a long time, businesses need to develop not only good mobile ordering solutions but good customer relations as well. Mobile ordering apps and mobile internet help businesses do just that – regardless of their scale. These applications provide a two-way communication platform where customers can give their feedback about how they feel about the products and services that are offered. In addition to creating a strong brand image, businesses can now predict consumer purchasing habits and behavior with these intuitive apps.

Benefits Small Businesses Can Gain through the Cygneto M-commerce App

Due to the increasing customer engagement on m-commerce apps, businesses need to fully capitalize the customers’ wants and needs. With an on-the-go application, it has been predicted that till we reach 2020, the revenue generated from the app downloads is going to go over $189 billion. Here are some ways in which small businesses can benefit from the Cygneto apps:

Build Your Store in No Time
Cygneto mobile ordering solutions help all merchants irrespective of their industry. With the help of our support team, merchants will be able to create their own mobile store, upload their products and launch their Android/ iOS mobile app. Whether you’re tech-savvy or tech privy, Cygneto helps you get the perfect solution in the limited time period.

Order Anywhere, Anytime
One of the main advantages of m-commerce app is that your customers can place an order from anywhere and at any given time of the day or night. With regular brick and mortar stores, one of the problems is the availability of products only during a fixed window of time. Backed by Cygneto’s mobile ordering solution, retailers can make their products available to consumers without limiting their availability!

Offer a Comprehensive Customer Experience
Cygneto helps you build a comprehensive in-app experience for the customer – list your products, design a simplified experience, update products as per your stock details, notify customers about product availability, manage discounts, etc. – all in one place! Your perfect store is now just a click away!

Pay via Multiple Payment Modes
Customer convenience is of prime importance in our mobile ordering solutions. Your m-commerce app will be equipped with multiple payment gateways integrated into it. Users will be able to smoothly make payments via COD, Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Online Banking, etc.

Keep them Notified
Communication becomes easier and smoother through the Cygneto m-commerce application. Merchants can send notifications about sales, discounts, offers, and coupons through the app to consumers.

Elevated Social Media Presence
The application also makes referring possibly to social presence. This not only helps in predicting the consumers’ interests but also helps in forming a loyal base of customers.  Sharing products within social communities gets possible with the app. Customers can post feedback on the app which can be posted on business profiles. Posting feedbacks not only create a social presence of the brand, it also helps in analyzing the reactions of customers about products and services.

How Cygneto Mobile Ordering Boosts Small Retailers: 

Using Cygneto’s mobile ordering solutions, retailers will be able to take their businesses through their mobile apps. One of the main advantages that Cygneto offers is that retailers can quickly build their app without having to wait during months of app development – you can launch your app in no time and get your store going! Cygneto offers a comprehensive SaaS-based solution to retailers who are looking forward to establishing a strong customer base. With ready to use templates and in-app designers, retailers can customize the experience for their customers. They can also make use of the inbuilt app analytics and predict customer behavior to model their store accordingly. Through specialized SME’s app developed by Cygneto, customers are provided with promotions based on their preferences.

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