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Retain and engage customers with mobile app

M-commerce application for businesses

The advent of E-commerce has bestowed numerous advantages upon the business owners, both small and large. E-commerce applications have if not completely eliminated, at least greatly reduced the need for storefronts for the sale of products and services. E-commerce is the medium of conducting business transactions, including monetary and financial settlements over the Internet. Moreover, with the advent of smart mobile communication technologies, E-commerce has given way to mobile commerce, or M-commerce. M-commerce is very similar to E-commerce; however, the only difference is that transactions in M-commerce are carried out through the medium of modern smartphones.

M-commerce enables the consumers to find what they want very easily using their smartphones, and thus enables the business owners to cater to the requirements of the customers in a better manner. M-commerce applications enable the business owners to catalog their products and services within the M-commerce mobile applications while integrating payment methods and payment gateways. The M-commerce applications enable the customers to browse through a wide range of products and select the product of their choice without ever having to go out of the comfort of their homes.

M-commerce application for the Indian markets

The M-commerce market has been steadily growing in India and has been boosted by the availability of the Internet and online banking settlement options that are being offered by the Indian banks. Amazon and Flipkart were amongst the first M-commerce applications launched in the India market, and have enabled the development of the M-commerce market in India. There has been no looking back for the M-commerce industry ever since, and since then numerous business owners have made it big in the M-commerce market like Jabong, Myntra, etc.

In addition to the big businesses, M-commerce also offers an exciting platform for the small business owners to grow their sales and thus, their business. One of the most important problems faced by the small business owners is the development cost of the M-commerce application. However, M-commerce applications offer numerous benefits to the small business owners like wide exposure over the Internet, the ability to develop a large customer base, the ability to engage more customers, and thus retain the customers over longer periods.

Convert potential customers through M-commerce application
M-commerce applications can prove to be significant to the growth of the sales and thus, business revenues. The following are the numerous ways in which M-commerce application can help business owners in engaging and retaining potential customers:

App only discounts
The business owners can offer limited discounts when the customers purchase using their M-commerce application. This promotes more and more people to download and use the app, thus creating a wider potential customer base for the business owner.

Introductory offers
The business owners can promote their M-commerce application by introductory offers on all products and services. For example, offering a 20% discount on any product or service on the first three transactions performed through the app. This strategy will promote more and more people to download the app, thus increasing the customer base for the business owner.

Referral discounts
Business owners can also offer referral discounts to their customers so that the customers will coerce their friends, family, and acquaintances to download the app. This strategy enables the business owners to keep their customers engaged while penetrating the market deeper by increasing the app downloads.

Limited Period Promotional Offers
The business owners can also promote limited period promotional offers through utilizing the marketing capabilities of the M-commerce apps like email, SMS, and even push notifications. This strategy helps in keeping the customer engaged, and thus helps in retaining the customers over longer periods.

Customer Specific Discounts
Customer-specific discount is a strategy which can prove to be even more helpful than limited period discounts and promotional offers because it offers personalized discounts to the customers based on their search history. However, employing such strategies on a small-scale can prove to be quite difficult, but can help the business owners in keeping their customers engaged and thus retaining the customers over longer periods.

Cygneto Mobile Ordering Application
The Cygneto Mobile Ordering Application is an M-commerce application module which offers all the benefits of M-commerce apps but at a fraction of the costs. The biggest problem that the business owners face when developing M-commerce applications for their business is time and money. However, the Cygneto Mobile Ordering Application mitigates both these problems and offers a personalized, fully functional and responsive M-commerce Application, which can be developed in a short time and with less investment. Cygneto Mobile Ordering app offers features like customer profile management, product catalog management, running discounts and offers, app marketing, payment integration, easy sign-up, social media integrated sign-in, order history management, etc. Hence, the Cygneto Mobile Ordering app is one of the easiest and most convenient solutions for the development of M-commerce application, especially for small business owners. Ask for a free demo to find out more about the comprehensive capabilities of the Cygneto Mobile Ordering Application.

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