Strategies to Promote your Business Locally

Online Offline Promotional Strategies

Strategies to promote your business locally can be divided into two main categories, online promotion, and offline promotion. There are many strategies which, despite being cost effective, provide good platforms for the promotion of the business. Offline strategies can include free business seminars for your target customers and the likes. Online strategies can include leveraging mobile applications to promote the business, promotion of mobile app, increasing customer engagement through CRMs, etc. Some of the key strategies to promote your business locally are discussed below:

Offline promotion strategies

Offline strategies to promote the business locally do not include the use of the Internet or any other technology. Offline promotion strategies are very simple, however, are not very effective for B2B businesses. Offline promotion strategies are much more effective for B2C businesses. However, there are some offline strategies on which both B2C and B2B businesses can capitalize. Here are some strategies which can be employed by businesses to promote themselves locally:

Free business seminars

Invite potential customers and people who would be interested in your business to free informative seminars and webinars. Over and above educating the people about a particular topic by inviting expert speakers, you can also promote your business.

Freebies for inquiry

Offer limited period offers wherein you award inquiries with discounts and promotional offers on your products. You can also offer freebies like T-shirts, caps, pens, etc. to the customers who are willing to come in person to find out more about your business.

No-obligation lunches for potential customers

Invite potential customers for your business to no-obligation lunches. Your business can exploit these lunches as an opportunity to explain your product in detail to the customers.

Informative articles in relevant magazines

Promote your products and business in magazines which are related to your business and products. For example, you can promote your IT business in magazines like PCQuest, Digit, etc.

Employ cross promotion

You can also promote your business by collaborating with other businesses which offer products and services which complement your products and services that you offer. Such collaboration can prove mutually beneficial to both the businesses and can also help in promoting both businesses.

Press releases to promote business announcements

Release press statements whenever you make important announcements regarding your business. You can issue press releases when your business launches new products or services, and the press can help promote your products and services.

Online promotion strategies

Search engine optimized websites

If your business doesnt have a dedicated website already, then you should think about launching a website soon. Search Engine Optimized websites can create a lot of organic traffic towards your website. SEO enabled website can help promote your business at much lower costs than other techniques of promotion.

Email marketing

Engage existing and potential customers through Email marketing. Sending thank you notes, product offers, reminders, festive wishes, birthday wishes, and anniversary wishes, can be very helpful in promoting your business and products.

Customer engagement through Customer Relationship Management modules

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Modules help engage customers and manage customer grievances and customer reviews and feedback through a single integrated module. Keeping the existing customers engaged can prove very helpful in business promotion.

Social Media Marketing

Social media promotion is one of the top forms of online promotion strategies in the present times. Most of the people who have access to the Internet spend a lot of time on social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. Hence, promoting your business on the social media websites can often help you invite more potential customers towards your business.


Create informative blogs on various topics pertaining to the products and services that your business manufactures and publish them on various blogging channels. You can use these blogs to promote your products and services as well. Moreover, you can also promote your blogs on authoritative blog channels. However, most of the authoritative blogging channels are not free.

Product Description Videos

Create interesting short videos which shed more light on the functionality of your products and services. Video product descriptions can be leveraged on social media websites to attract more potential customers towards your business.

Promotion of mobile applications

If you dont already have a personalized mobile application for your business, then you should probably think about getting one developed. Mobile applications and websites are great tools to establish the online authority of your business. Promote existing customers to download and use the mobile apps to promote your mobile apps. You can also promote the mobile apps in tech blogs and review blogs to create awareness about the apps.

Promotion of business leveraging mobile applications

If you already have a mobile application for your business, then you can promote your products and services through your mobile application. You can use the push notification service of your mobile app to send offers and promotions about the products and offers to the customers.

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