Technology and Field Sales Management

Cygneto Field Sales App can offer a competitive edge to your business over competitors.

Moore’s law suggests that the number of transistors in a circuit will double themselves each year, thus making way for newer advancements in technology each year. Although the technology today has outgrown transistors, the premise of Moore’s law still holds. The computing power is growing rapidly with the advancements in technology each year. And with the advancements in technology, even the world is constantly reinventing itself each year.

Fact File: A little over 42% of the population of the world had access to the Internet by the end of 2014. Moreover, 8 out of 10 people who had access to the Internet also had access to a smartphone.

Technology and Sales

Technologies is changing the ways the corporations and enterprises conduct business. One of the key aspect of the business which has been inflicted by technology change is sales. Technology has affected all aspects of sales, be it prospecting or closing. The technologies which affect the different aspect of sales are social media, big data, cloud technology and mobile technology. The way the businesses conduct sales today was unthinkable less than a decade ago. Similarly, the way businesses will conduct their sales processes will vary drastically from how they do now. Most businesses and enterprises have come around to accepting that adapting to technology is their only refute to increase sales. Let’s understand the key technologies which affect and facilitate different sales processes.

Big Data

Big Data is the large volume of customer data which, when analyzed methodically, offers keen insights into consumer behavior and buying habits. Most of the businesses do not bother analyzing the data that they already have. This is where big data analysis plays a pivotal role. Big Data analytics can enable sales organizations to manage prospecting sales, which is one of the very first, and thus, the most important part of the sales process. Sales prospecting includes finding and qualifying potential customers with specific needs to which the business caters. Traditional prospecting is a time-consuming and a labor intensive process.

Moreover, the businesses can also accurately predict whether the customers can become long-term clients. This enables the sales team to understand where to focus their efforts. Analytics also helps organizations to determine the target customers and who among them are more likely to respond to different promotional messages and orders. Big data analytics enables the businesses and enterprises to focus only on promising prospective clients.

Sales Automation Systems

Most businesses and enterprises which do not adapt themselves to automation spend most of their time planning and improvising the business processes. The sales process is constituted by many tedious, time-consuming, and repetitive tasks like scheduling appointments with prospective clients, sending follow-up emails, updating sales opportunities, and so forth.

Sales Automation Systems automate most of the tedious, time-consuming, and repetitive tasks so that the sales executives have more time. When the sales representatives have more time, they can focus their efforts on activities which drive sales and thus, revenue. The sales automation systems also help the managers to keep the sales representative updated about the newest products and services. The Sales automation systems also offer managers the instant access to activities of individual sales representatives, sales charts and figures, prospective customers, complaints, and so forth. The sales automation systems offer the sales managers the required ammunition to take over the sales challenges head-on. With access to data in real -time, the sales managers can instantaneously improvise and optimize the sales plans and efforts.

Cloud-Based Customer Relationship Management Tools

Cloud Based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems are powerful tools designed to enable the organization and businesses to have a complete view of their relationships with their customers. The CRM systems integrate marketing, sales, and customer support. Moreover, when the CRM data is stored in a cloud, it offers far more freedom to the employees from the onsite computers and servers.

CRM systems, when deployed correctly, allows getting fast and accurate insights on customer activities. CRM systems offer key analytical information about the customer’s requirements & preferences. Hence, a cloud-based CRM offers the sales team the required agility, effectiveness, and productivity to overcome various sales challenges. Most CRM systems also offer options to integrate with Sales Automation Systems, thus offering the businesses, a competitive edge over their competitors.

Mobile Technology

The advent of mobile technology devices like mobile smartphones and tablets has drastically changed many aspects of the sales process. Mobile technology offers the customers the ability to research, evaluate, and purchase products and services. The sales and marketing teams should take a keynote of this because research has revealed that about 9 out of 10 consumers use their mobile phones to research prospective products and services before making the purchase.

Cygneto Field Sales Application

The Cygneto Field Sales Application offers a unique integration of all technological aspects which affects the sales process. The solution offer mobile application to sales executive and a web dashboard to company management. Both the application and dashboard data are kept on the cloud. The Cygneto Field Sales app offers integration with standard cloud -based CRM systems. Cygneto field sales app offers all the advantages of mobile technology, thus offering your business a competitive edge over your competitor’s. The application also offers modular integration for standard software solutions like Tally, ERP, Microsoft dynamics. For more information on how the Cygneto Field Sales app can catapult your business revenues, contact the Cygneto Mobile App development team. Our team would be more than happy to help you understand how our services can cater to your needs.

Contact us right away and ask for a demo to find out more on how the Field Sales Management App from Cygneto can help grow your business faster. Learn how we can help you deploy the Field Sales Management App so that you can harness better control on your business.

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