Things to Consider While Evaluating a Field Sales Management Solution

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 A comprehensive list of some factors that you should consider before choosing the ultimate field sales management solution for your company. 

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Driving your sales team to perform to the best of its ability requires very strong field sales management software. The businesses are complex today. To survive this complexity, you need an automated solution, a tool that you can rely on. A perfect field sales management solution can exemplify your company’s success by bringing out the best performance from your team. And to bring that effect, here is what you should be looking for in your tool.

1. It must be mobile
You have to have a field sales management solution that is accessible from anywhere. The connectivity that a mobile field sales management tool offers is essential for the survivability of your business. You need a solution that eases the administrative burden and makes the entire process of handling sales easier. For this, it has to be mobile. By using a mobile tool, customers can be dealt with on the spot at the time of the sale without involving any cumbersome paperwork. Moreover, a mobile structure is far more structured and gives the management key insights into the business and the work of its team.

  • Live tracking and monitoring: Time is the most important commodity in the hands of your sales representatives. Choose an app that offers you to track the time that your sales-force spends in selling. Also, the time that a sales representative spends in closing a deal can give you insights into his productivity. You can monitor your sales team after identifying the roadblocks that they face and direct your team on how to invest their time.

Also, a live tracking app that tracks the travel and food expenses of the sales team can prove to be extremely useful for the sales rep and for the company if it provides them with reimbursement.

  • An app that captures the competitive spirit of your team: The individual motivational factors vary from person to person. But history has shown that competition drives people to work. A sprinkling of fun competitions that drives them to work and makes things interesting is just what you need. And so, go for an app that encompasses gamification. An app that has the power of game mechanics- levels, challenges, rewards, and leaderboards can motivate as well as engage your sales team into the work with an all new level of enthusiasm.

2. Measuring performance and results
Measuring team performance is the best way to improve it. Want to know if your investments are worthwhile?Go for an app that allows you to track your team’s work by collecting the quantitative data. It must also provide you with parameters to measure the more complex, qualitative data. An app that generates MIS reports (Management Information System) may serve this purpose by pooling inaccurate information from different sources. An app that analyzes the data, tracks performance, maximise data integrity and provides a very accurate forecast is what you need. It must empower the sales team with reports and strategies to go forward with their work.

3. Customizable and Secure
Choose an app that is secure enough to carry your company’s data and an app that can be customized as per your company’s needs. After all, there is no point in having an app with the best features if it is not adjustable to serve your requirements.

4. Order taking and Communication
The faster a salesperson can take orders from the customer, the better. An app that makes it easy for your sales team to send orders and invoices to customers should be preferred above all. The best is an order management app that lets the sales team showcase product catalogs. Customers are more convinced if they are shown various options that they have. This helps the salesperson to materialize more deals.

Communication is very crucial for the smooth running of a business. Get an app that lets the sales team communicate within itself and with the management. Communication, here, refers to streamlining data management by way of quick data-updates and a system that allows your team to share documents and data. 

All you need is a field sale management application that ensures that your sales team can perform multiple tasks without jumping across multiple apps and devices. Go for such an app.

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