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How can a Mobile App help you turn your idea into a business?

In 2017, Mobile Applications have come a long way to help small businesses increase their sales, boost their revenue and improve the brand value of their business. In previous years, the mobile apps were considered only for bigger businesses. But with the change of scenario, mobile apps have been proven a game-changer for new entrants and small businesses.

Micro business owners who have been conducting business on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram can migrate to custom made mobile applications very easily and reap the benefits of it. Even those who just came up with an idea and want to convert it into a business can efficiently start the implementation of their idea through a mobile app.

The penetration of mobile phones has significantly risen over the time and the on-screen time of a person on his mobile phone is increasing. This gives mobiles apps such a huge potential market because a user is always engaged to his or her phone at a certain point of time in a day.

In this dynamic business industry, a good idea is only one of the most important factors. There lie a lot of challenges in implementing the idea and making the business available for the potential market.

Mobile apps provide you with a huge market in which you can pitch your business idea very easily. A properly customized application with an interactive graphical user interface can attract a lot of customers for your business idea and make it successful. Marketing tactics can be improved when implemented on a mobile platform, thus helping your business grow at a higher pace.

Reasons to have your Mobile Ordering Application

Are you about to start your own business? Are you confused whether or not to develop your m-commerce applications for the business? There are plenty of reasons to deploy a custom designed mobile commerce application.

Customer Engagement

Mobile phones are the most used gadget in this era, and a user spends ample amount of time looking at his or her smartphone. Also, it provides a large audience for the business to market its product.

Market your business in multiple ways

E-commerce apps can bring together multiple marketing tactics and make all of them work in a more effective way for your business. A loyalty program is also a proven marketing tool for a variety of applications.

Customer Loyalty Programs

By loyalty programs, you can obtain a lot of valuable information about the customer to make your business better. And the customers in return can feel more valued, appreciated and rewarded for having your app on their phones. This helps you increase engagement with the customer and subsequently the revenue of the business.

Enhancing overall market effectiveness

Merchant-side web application helps in analyzing the customer orders and their behavior to generate marketing metrics. These metrics provide with important information on how the customers interact with the business such as visits, purchases, searches, time spent and more.

Building a stronger brand

One of the most important things that a mobile application offers to the potential customers is awareness of your brand. Regular communication with the customers through the mobile ordering app fosters the brand trust in the minds of the target audience.

Increasing sales and revenue

Mobile ordering apps offer a more convenient way to browse through various catalogs and multiple options for a product. This, when combined with an interactive graphical user interface of the application, leads to increasing in sales.

Improving customer experience

An app gives your business a constant presence on the potential customer’s phones, thereby offering easily accessible information right at their fingertips. Push notifications can be used to keep a close contact with the customers and make them aware of any new deals.

Cygneto provides a whole range of functions to be embedded into an application for businesses

You shouldn’t have to wait for months for the development of the application. Cygneto provides a much faster way to build your business idea into a mobile application. You can design your catalog and manage products from the backend. We customize applications for all mobile platforms so that customer across all platforms could be targeted. Web dashboard of your application is designed as per your business. Data wise listing of all the ordered items along with the payment status gets displayed in the application. Easy navigation with proper division of categories & sub-categories is provided for better user experience. Applications support multiple payment gateway integrations along with Cash-On-Delivery option. Social media integration of various platforms is provided in the application.

      The web dashboard of the merchant also provides a whole lot of added functionalities like:

  • Order Dashboard- Accessing all orders from the customers.
  • Profile Management– Editing store profile and managing payment gateway.
  • User Management– Adding, editing and viewing users.
  • Product & Catalogues– Managing products, images, price, and sharing through social media.
  • Product Discounts & Offers– Running discounts and promo codes.
  • App Marketing– Using SMS, Email and push notifications to market your business.

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