Upcoming small business trends in 2017 for Mobile Industry

Combination of Social Media, Mobility, Analytics and Cloud provides business advantage through mobile application

Phone Apps for your Business

Changes are mandatory for growth of a business and if you want to change your business phone app, then you should definitely look to incorporate the best and newest game-changing trends in to your business mobile application. Mobile apps are the preferred mode for interfacing with the internet and by extension everything. Usage of applications has been on the rise and is bound to increase even more.

The features of top apps keep on changing and updating to incorporate ingenious features to keep up with the business trends in mobile. At times like these, why shouldn’t you also have better features for mobile application of your business? Merchants in general have complained about the accessibility of applications from their perspective even if the mobile application is perfect for users. Being up-to-date with the latest trends and having the perfect mobile application development for small businesses would improve the performance of your business manifolds.

Mobile Applications and Mobile Ordering

The number of smartphones connected to the internet is increasing at an astounding rate and as a result phone apps have become the preferred medium of commerce. Mobile commerce has established itself as the prime business trend in mobiles. Businesses have been very quick to adapt to the demands of mobile commerce by developing and launching useful applications. But most of the applications are developed with reference to the current trend and need. There is an increasing need for services that provide customized business phone application; developed and designed in a manner that fulfills the current need while at the same time incorporating features that would quench the needs of the near future.

The need for better business applications

Most of the businesses have their own mobile applications which enable them to interact with users and increase their business in general. But only a few of the applications are unanimously appreciated by users. Most of the apps that are downloaded are also ultimately discarded easily. This is because most of the applications do not keep up with the latest small business trends in the mobile industry. One of the most important things that should be considered in a mobile application development but is often ignored is the interface.

The user interface of an application should be user friendly and not sophisticated. Many applications that have been good from a technical and functional aspect have failed because the interface of the application was too complex or sophisticated for users to even signup. The market has a vacuum that requires a streamlined and user friendly interface that allows easy sign up. Phone apps only appeal to users when they have all the latest attributes, so all the businesses must make designing their application a top priority.

Fact Files:

  • There are 2.6 billion smartphone users in the world and mobile phones are the source of 37% of website visits.
  • 87% of the users have their mobile phones besides them at all times.
  • In USA, there was a 38.7% recorded growth in mobile commerce sales in 2015 to reach a figure of $104.05 billion which in 2014 was $75.03 billion.
Source:Device Atlas points out some interesting statistics that emphasize the importance of mobile applications

New Trends in mobile applications for Small Business in 2017

2016 witnessed many new trends in mobile applications which changed the landscape of applications. But as it is the case with technology, innovation is inevitable and beneficial. Here are some of the upcoming business trends in mobile for 2017:

Integration: You might argue that integration has been a vital part of phone apps for a few years now. However, there is a need to find a much fluid and simpler integration which incorporates features ranging from multiple payment gateways to print commerce and of course, social media.

SMAC: SMAC is an acronym for Social, Mobility, Analytics and Cloud. All of these features have become the foundation of mobile applications and are vital attributes for a user. Every user wants to be connected to the social media while being mobile and enjoying the benefits of cloud services. Additionally, the need for business owners to have data regarding analytics and the breakdown of data is paramount to further help in improving the business. 

Security: Security has always been one of the most important aspects of business mobile apps and with good reason. But there is much room for improvement on that front, as witnessed in the last few years even many top apps have reported security breaches.

IoT: Internet of Things is going to be a rage in 2017 and the next few years to come. Internet of Things is best described as the phenomenon where multiple physical devices are inter-connected through a network enabling machine-to-machine communication. This network enables the devices to exchange and collect data. IoT is the spine for plans of intelligent transportation, smart businesses, smart cities, grids and homes. And soon multiple appliances, applications and aspects of your home will be controllable from a single application.

AR and VR: Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are concepts that are being developed for a long time. But last year people experienced AR in the form of pokemon go. Virtual reality is going to be very popular in the near future, especially now that major companies are launching their own VR gears. With VR integration in your mobile applications, you would be able to transcend any geographical or experience related limitations.

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